Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A First Look At Victoria Beckham's New dVb Collection

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I love how hands-on Victoria was in this shoot.

I particularly love the powder blue jeans. I definitely have to get a pair of those.

Source: Grazia Magazine


Rock*Star said...

its so great to see her working ..

The collections ROCKS ..



I've always thought that white jeans are so old .. but with that cut and the green stitching .. AWESOME ..

I'de love to get a pair ..

maniackerx said...

Do you know where to get those red aviators? Is it in her new collection?

Jean Rock said...

wow! does anybody know if the red aviators or any of the sunglasses on that magazine have been released? i'm in need of one or two desperately especially the red aviators! :D if anybody know the model number for it too that would be awesome...

Ryan said...

Ok I had to post this somewhere, it's bothering me. Should I believe this or not? Apparentely Victoria is still upset with "Davids apparent affair" and that now she flirts with other guys to feel like shes more, and that David is now furious?? This is bothering me.. :(

Colleen said...

wow your right she is totally hands on! luvs it! look at her on the floor fixing that hem haha impressive!