Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Marc Jacobs Runway To Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign

It was just as bad on the runway.

I know everyone thinks Marc Jacobs is a genius - including Victoria, but frankly, I just don't get it.

The dress looks better on Victoria and the bag is better than the rest of his bags from his Spring 2008 collection, but I still hate this.

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Michelle said...

Me too..

Lanii Be Good said...

Well, yea. The bangs look like a dead raven. Although...just because someone's a genius doesn't mean they can't have one or two off kilter or unaccessible items or moments.

Allie said...

I think some of Marc Jacobs things are fun and quirky like the frog bag and his t-shirts. But this dress- i don't understand. It really looks like it doesn't require much talent to design it.

Valerie said...

Marc Jacobs is well known for being maniac-depressive. I do think that this state of his really does translate in his ads and this Juergen Teller's raw style is unforgiving.

He was hired by Louis Vuitton to design the clothing lines, to give the brand a modernity it lacked and succeeded. However, his own brand, so appreciated by American (It is all about getting the american market) always been a bunch of copycats. One only needs to look at Fashion archive to understand they don't even bother modernize the looks, they simply copy it... I can even prove it...

Poor Victoria, as much as I praise her variety in style and the way she puts herself together, I personally believe she doesn't really have a strong fashion critical sense. Why else would she have accepted these pics to be used? She would have had her lawyers include a clause in which she would keep control over what pics go out... So much for the reputation of control freak she has ;-)

Still love to see her: in my mind, she is one of the rare celebrities who dress truly for the style! She is striving and in that sense, her fabulousness is flawless!! Love her for that: bringing the glam back to the celeb world!