Friday, 7 March 2008

Video: Victoria Beckham's Appearance On Project Runway

The Collections

The Collection & Meeting The Judging (VB)

Deliberation and Winner Announcement (VB)

I loved Rami Kashou collection. He should have won.

I can't wait to see Victoria in Christian's designs though, as they are very much her style.

Here are some stills from judging.

Thanks to Liza for sending this to me.

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Janie said...

I can't believe they didn't choose Rami! Also I really don't see Victoria in Christians stuff?

kay said...

Aw, Victoria's smiling so much. She's got really cute dimples too.

Rock*Star said...

I think They are Victoriaz Style ..

She does wear black,she does like wearing pants and puffy shirts with big belts .. so,yea I think some of them r much like Victoria .

And yes .. Rami should've won .. His gowns r BEAUTIFUL !

electra said...

The first two collections were amazing, the third one not so much, i can't believe that guy won.
And when Victoria said it was her style, i was like, wtf you never wear clothes where we don't see your skin!

Erica said...

WOW!!!! I just love Project Runway, but here in Brasil is on the season 3, for the second time on air :(
I reckon they're alredy translating season 4, and I just can't wait to see my Diva on the telly! She's major, she know soo much about fashion, and she deserves all taht she get

peach said...

When she was first interviewed, she said she could see herself wearing every single thing in the winner's collection. So when I watched the show, I really thought she meant Rami because I could see her in everything he put out, especially the dresses.

I liked Jillian's collection a lot.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Christian's designs. It's so different and quite complex and yet, elegant. One thing I see about fashion. It got to be unique and that's what Christian's designs are. Victoria may have seen from that perspective.

I think it's quite clever of him to start off the show with dark colors and combine it with a little light color. He had the nerve to use the same materials for his designs (feathers and all), although, they all have different style in each of them, and I'm quite impressed.

Rami has great designs as well, but I don't like his color choices.

Jilian's design is what I would want to wear, but I just don't think it's quite fabulous for fashion show.

Anyways, I love Victoria's smile and I love the part where she sort of laugh when Christian said he'd design a dress for her. LOL