Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Do You Prefer Victoria Beckham Dressed Up Or Dressed Down?

I am happy to see Victoria alternating her looks recently from chic to casual. We have not seen a lot of her in casual clothes, and I really feel like she is adapting to the LA lifestyle and comfortable in her surroundings.

Early February when Victoria Beckham was out shopping for Cruz' birthday present and David's Valentine's card, she wore a navy v-neck Marc Jacobs sweater with a Roland Mouret skirt, carried a red Hermes Birkin and wore maroon Christian Louboutin Rolando's.

When she went to the gym on Saturday she wore a grey round-neck version of the same Marc Jacobs sweater, with grey jeans, Christian Louboutin boots and a Oscar de la Renta bag.

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Allie said...

I like both. Her being dressed up is her signature look but when she dresses down, it shows us that she is a real person.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks good either way! she could wear a freakin trash bag and still look good lol anyways omg there are some cute behind the scenes spice girls pictures on pinkisthenewblog including a wicked adorable pick of David and Victoria before going on stage heres the direct link to the source

Anonymous said...

I can't choose! I love all of her looks probably b/c we have very similar taste in clothing. As a matter of fact I wore her gray outfit just before those pics were released.

I just love (almost) anything she wears. So "both looks work for me"

Posh 2.0

Hayley said...

I love the new site banner!

Janie said...

I didn't like this particular outfit,(skirt) but I like her in a nice frock and heels best. I also like her in jeans and a pretty top but really she is never dressed down is she? She is just FAB to me whatever she has on. I love her muchly!