Thursday, 6 March 2008

Victoria Beckham On The Cover Of UK Vogue April 2008

Victoria Beckham is STUNNING on the cover of UK Vogue April 2008, looking shiny and fabulous unlike her Elle US magazine shoot, which I think most of us hated.

I was hoping to bring the cover and the full spread from this magazine this morning, but the newsagent in my area don't get the mag until tomorrow.

The photographs were shot by Nick Knight.

There are thirteen pages of Posh photos, which I will bring you either today if I find the mag or tomorrow.

Stay tuned and check back often.



Rock*Star said...

w00t w00t .. I can't wait to see the photos ..

The cover looks G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, YEAH ! Work it Vicky ..

Amber said...

She looks gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see the photos.

Tiffany said...

How absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to buy it:-) 10 times better than her Elle cover for sure...

electra said...

FINALLY! About time she graces the Vogue UK cover. And she looks GORGEOUS! Thank God they didn't overphotoshop her like they did Drew Barrymore recently.

She was once on a Vogue Espana cover, but i don't think we can even compare the two, this one is so amazing, i can't wait to see inside pix, 13 pages you say? Hopefully they will all be full page pix with no letters over them.

That Elle photoshoot looked better in the paparazzi pix than in the magazine. lol

xcheerjoy said...

lovely, as ALWAYS<3
shes absolutely GORGEOUS.
i love her♥
i have a question. is she gna be on the april issue of US VOGUE? becuase i really want it. but i've been checking out my mag store everyday...its not there. it makes me sad. i really want to see another mag of her!
and i actually did like the elle shoot, expecially the cover becuase she looked gorgeous. but i have to agree that this vogue issue looks glamorous!

Fashion Critic said... As she is on the cover of UK Vogue, she will not be on the cover or US Vogue for April.

Magazines do not work this way. If she does feature in the US Vogue, it will be a totally different shoot

Melissa said...

She looks GREAT!

Anonymous said...

omg! she looks AMAZING!!! thats all I have to say lol I wish we could get that one here! btw I liked the cover of the Elle mag but inside wasn't that good just my opinion w/e anyways ya this pic is just gorgeous!!!!

jojo said...

u know u can check borders book store cause they usually have magazines from the UK. from what i saw the other day. so u can check there they might have it.

Isla said...

brit said...

i thought it was angelina jolie at first glance, she looks beautiful.