Saturday, 8 March 2008

Who Channeled Old Hollywood Better? Victoria Beckham or Christina Aguilera

For Victoria Beckham's shoot with UK Vogue she channeled a vintage style that brought to mind icons such as Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich.

For Christina Aguilera shoot for the Stephen Webster's jewelry advertising campaign, she channeled 'Hitchcock Heroines' such as Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly and Eva Marie Saint.

Christina has been working this look for a while, but this is a fresh look we have not seen on Victoria before.

Victoria appears softer in her shoot than Christina, so she wins this for me.



Amber said...

Oh please don't compare our Victoria with Christina, she is way better than her!

jojo said...

u know i think Victoria looks so much better. to be honest with y'all i am sick of seeing Christina Aguilera doing the same stuff over and over. she is such a wannabe. she always does the same with her really bleach blonde hair, she should just be all natural i think she would look much better. But yeah Victoria gives it a nice fresh look. i think Victoria should curl her hair more often.

Matt said...

I love Victoria, but I think Christina Nailed it, Christina looks soft and the fact that we only see on side of Victoria's face did not help. She looks fantastic nonetheless but Christina worked it.