Thursday, 27 March 2008

David Beckham Is The Golden Boy Of English Football

David Beckham will be presented with this unique golden cap to mark his 100th England appearance.

It looks like David will live up to his name Goldenballs, as he is the first player ever to receive such an honour.

The cap is made from gold, rather than the blue used for regular England caps.

The golden cap will go along with his specially-made gold boots and "100th Cap" on his shirt.

He will receive the cap and a trophy at England’s friendly against the USA at Wembley on May 28.

YES I will be there.

I bet many of you are surprised that they receive actual caps. LOL



Amber said...

I never new they actually gave real caps! If Becks gets a golden cap and is "Goldenballs" will that make the others "Blue balls"? lol

FC, does it mean he'll play in the friendly against the US?

Fashion Critic said...

I am not sure if he will play. But it is a long way to just collection a trophy and a cap, even though David would travel all that way just for that.