Sunday, 9 March 2008

Shocking News - Victoria Beckham Goes To The Gym

Victoria Beckham said -tongue in cheek- that she did not know what to wear to the gym and that she could not bring myself to wear flat shoes.

Well on Saturday she took her sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to a gym class in Sherman Oaks, California.

Well she looks just fine to me wearing a Marc Jacobs sweater, grey jeans, Christian Louboutin boots and her Oscar de la Renta bag.

The UK press are all over the recent comment Victoria made her Vogue interview where she said,

"If we lived in England full-time, which at some point I'm sure we will, we would have to have a house in London."

The press are saying,

"Victoria Beckham has made a sensational U-turn - by vowing she and David WILL return to live in Britain.

The golden couple have repeatedly said their future lies in America where they mix with Hollywood stars.

But Posh and Becks will quit the US to seek a luxury home in London's fashionable Chelsea."

David's contract does not end until 2012, and I don't see him breaking that commitment, so this story is so premature. I do imagine that they will return to the UK full-time at some stage, but not in the near future.

After class ended, the mummy took care of her hungry and thirsty bunch, supplying them with chips and gatorade before heading off to do a little shopping at Neiman Marcus.

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electra said...

Yes, it seems like 2008 will be her best year when it comes to clothes. She looks so amazing here.

Meg said...

It's a 'fun' gym for kids, not her.

Anonymous said...

I think she is following the U.S trend of being family oriented and it looks so staged when she is out with the kids these days, I'd rather watch the Rossdale-Stefani family who looks more real and down-to-earth. She looks soo conscious of what she's doing all the time.

enchantress said...

she finally figured what shoes to wear i see. but she probably didnt exercise in those heels.

and she looks gorgeous... her figure looks perfect... and one big reason im a fan is cos i hate the gym. victoria is just living proof that u can have a good figure even without going to the gym!!

Fashion Critic said...

I don't like to post Anonymous comments but I wanted to respond to your ridiculous comments.

Victoria has been on tour since last year. Even though the kids have been with her most of the time. I am sure that quality time during the tour was not possible.

I can't stand people like you who take a innocent thing like her taking her kids to a park as a staged event.

What should she do, NEVER go out with her kids just to please you?

You are pathetic go and get a life.

Janie said...

Anonymous STFU! If I had a camera pointed in my face twenty-four seven, I'D proberbly feel self-concious too! What are you like! Loser! You don't know her or anything about her life.

peach said...

Oh yeah, cause Gwen never looks made up for the camera when she takes her kid to the park. Puh-leeze!

And the US family-oriented thing? What is your basis for that statement? Sorry, but the English are far more family-oriented than we are.

peach said...

Just noticed, it looks like VB is giving the finger in that one pic. Love it! lol

electra said...

@Anonymus: I can't stand people who say she's never seen with her kids and then those same people say when she's seen with her kids that it's staged.

Anyone who knows Victoria knows that all she talks about is her kids and her husband, then everything else.

Anonymous said...

oh arent they just sooo cute.oh and check out on brooklyns pyjamas it says brooklyn rocks!!!how cute

enchantress said...

i think people who says bad things about her is just jealous... just because u look beautiful even when u take ur kids out doenst mean its a staged look. if any mother had reporters tailing her all the time it would be normal for her to look self-conscious and dress up!

i think VB is a great mom. compare her to people like britney and you'll see a whole lot of difference.
i believe that motherhood is not an excuse to look a mess... every girl should take care of their appearance whenever the occasion or age.

and people who think this looks fake doesnt know better or is just plain jealous. look in the mirror and see if u've achieved half as much as her!

Anonymous said...

haha i saw that too...i think she is giving them the finger haha

Isla said...

hey guys,does anyone knows what is happening to the Victoria's myspace?!

meg said...

isla, it wasn't her on the myspace, it was fake. I think it got reported and closed down.

Winnie said...

Victoria is amazing! HAha...Brooklyn's face like hates those paparazzi. while Cruz was fooling around, he's trying to hold his bro, Brooklyn's hand, how cute!
Romeo is so cool anyway.

Colleen said...

i know brooklyn is such a cutie! he's totally posh's son! he's always pouting at the paparazzi.

Anonymous said...

such a cute family! btw im lovin the finger! lol

faffy said...

hey anonymous..(the 1st one)
if you don't like the beckhams and "prefer" the rossdales more, why do u still watch the beckhams' site, huh??
this site is dedicated to them and if u hate them so much don't bother entering..