Friday, 21 March 2008

The Latest Picture Of Victoria Beckham From The Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Ad Campaign

I really liked all the other pictures from this Marc Jacobs campaign, even the Posh in a bag picture, but this, I don't like.

I know the ad is suppose to be all about the crocodile-skin handbag, but I don't like her expression nor that thing on her head.



Anonymous said...

Oh my Goodness! This pic is really awful. What did the photographer to her *gr*


Rock*Star said...

This is the WORST Victoria pic I have ever seen ..

But 2008 seem to be going good for her . with the Vugue photoshoot , her dvb collections ..

Hopefully will see a better Victoria Beckham look this year ..

Still love u Vic :**

4 of a kind said...

I don't care for it either.

Elaine said...

She's so pretty! why does mj insist on making her look aweful?

Erin said...


I am in TOTAL agreement

Anonymous said...

um WOW! that all im sayin lol

peach said...

She's barely recognizable here. Her nose looks awful. Horrible, horrible photo.

Janie said...

Eeeeeuuwwwwww! They've not made a nice job of this at all!