Friday, 14 March 2008

Victoria and David Beckham Visit Adult Store? NOT TRUE

The 'not to be trusted' Sun newspaper are reporting that David and Victoria Beckham stocked up on X-rated items from a sex shop at the weekend.

The couple apparently visited Hollywood's Pleasure Chest adult store where they purchased massage oil, personal lubricant, a Cyberskin vibrator, a leather braided cane and a padded black collar and restraint.

A source is quoted by the Sun newspaper as saying: "They were walking round the store holding hands and David was carrying a small shopping basket".

"Victoria was very vocal, cracking jokes constantly. They seemed to know exactly what they wanted and after asking an assistant where various items were kept, they grabbed what they came for."

This story is not true according to David's LA Galaxy Schedule, he was still in Asia when this story was supposed to have happened.

Source: The Sun

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Anonymous said...

How could a newspaper be so stupid to tell a story which obviously could not be true???

Suki (Nadja)