Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Victoria Beckham And The Boys Watch A Live Taping Of 'American Idol'

On Tuesday night, American Idol’s remaining 11 finalists performed not just for the millions of fans at home, but also before a very special guest in the studio audience — Victoria Beckham with her 3 boys.

They were said to have been enthusiastic audience members. OK! reports that Victoria and the boys stood and danced to Amanda Overmyer's rendition of 'Back in the USSR' and she hoisted up Cruz so he could have a better view of Brooke White as she performed 'Here Comes the Sun.'

Cruz arrived at the taping dresses as Buzz Lightyear, and was apparently so exhausted by the experience that he needed to be carried from the studio by big brother Brooklyn.

We don't get American Idol until tomorrow here in the UK, can't wait to see what she was wearing.



Meg said...

They weren't filmed.

Allie said...

I'm so upset! I had to miss last nights show because I was working! It would be the night Victoria and the kids are there! Hopefully they'll attend another one!

mia said...

Why no pics?

enchantress said...

brooklyn carrying cruz? thats cute.
one success of a happy family is that that siblings get along and love one another.
it just shows that the beckhams raise their children well. there are families where parents dont have time for children or the children fight all the time.

Claire said...

A girl and her dad (who won a radio prize to attend the show) called in the show to talk about her experience and said Victoria did not clap once, and her dad (who said was stared at her most of the time) said she looked rather plastic-like. They also said they were surrounded by their bodyguards. I was so angry when she said Victoria was there..lucky girl..I would've been like the dad, looking at her all the time. I bet she looked fabulous!!!

jdg6385 said...

I'm sure ryan was excited to see victoria again it's been months since they have last spoken.