Monday, 1 December 2008

Come On Already.....

It's 10.49 and I have been refreshing her website all morning.

I guess it will load once the US wakes up.

So excited can't wait.

Update: It's 12.37...come on.


Charly said...

I'm waiting for the opening but it's still closed. Sh**!!!!!!

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

lol I'm from Argentina and I've been refreshing her site last night 'til 5am here(well, i was also studying ehhehe). C'MOOONNNNN!

yvonne said...

I can't believe it's still closed. I thought there's an automatic mechanism that will open the site at 0 am. It's a shame for her management. First her site is down for many month and now the new site is still closed.

DVB said...

New York is now up, so there is no other reasons why her site should not be up and working now.

I expected that since she traveled to London, that it would be open at 9am like most stores.

I will just check every hour on the hour now.

If if pops up before then someone let me know, as I have to get some work done :)

Julie said...

It's 10:36