Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Beckhams Dine At Claridges On Christmas Eve

I had a feeling the Beckhams would be out today, so I was not surprised to see these cute pictures of the family enjoying lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at Claridges today in London.

The boys look so cute dressed up in their smart clothes like their dad, whilst Victoria looks cute with another one of her designs, of a white blouse with a long black pencil skirt, black heels and a cute black bow in her hair.

I love Romeo's hair.


sunshine said...

awww, how cute!
Cruz is now a reindeer! lol
Yeah, i also loved Romeo's hair, he's going to be hot! lol
I felt bad for Brooklyn, where is he?

nisha said...

agree with all you siad sunshine.i didn't actually see the reindeer band on cruz's head until you mentioned it thank you its so cute he is always doing something to stand out and always is in with the festive sprits just like when he wore the sanata hat with the zoo outfit bless him.david and victoria are gorgeous as always love their outfits.its so nice to see cruz in his daddy's arms again and romeo he is just so adorable in that suit he looks just like a younger david and i love his hair too just so sweet he looks so smart in that suit.i think its romeo's smile that makes him look alot like david in this picture. i too want too know where brooklyn is as soon as i saw the pics i was curious to know where i looked in all the bottom pics he was not in them so wher must he be.i am sure they must have had a great dinner as its gordon ramsay's restaurant and they are such good friends with him.i have heard that they are hosting a party at their home in hedfordshire aka beckingham palace and all of david's and victoria's family is going to be there and that she has arranged for the best of arangements to be made in everything she wants this christmas to be extra special wonder if its true.merry christmas everyone best wishes to you and your loved ones.thaks for posting

Erica D Ireland said...

they are a cute family .

what surprise me is that the waiters dont go rushing to the press on what she exactly eats you would think with all the coverage thats on her diet that sort of info would be scooped up quickly .

she is looking happier these days i guess because of how well the collection is doing , i would be too her in shoes and what shoes they would be (Sigh)

any way i hope you had a wonderful christmas and that santa was good to you .

how is the new home doing ?