Thursday, 18 December 2008

Cute Picture Of The Day



ayuni said...

starsturck? hehe cute

Anonymous said...

first of all I think Zac and Vanessa are one of the cutest couples I have ever seen, besides David and Victoria of course! lol, they give them a run for their money lol anyone else?
second of all yeah this is an adorable pic! man am I jealous of Vanessa, two smoking hot guys right in her reach! lol I'm already like way jealous of Victoria?! lol but I love her! lol
Aren't Vanessa and Zac kinda friendly with the Beckham? I think I remember Vanessa saying that she got to go to the spice girls concert because Victoria invited her? and every time they are at an event together I always see Zac and David greet eachother? this is the first time though that I have seen V get to see him though, man I would die to be in her shoes!
I think its because their kids love High School Musical?