Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Victoria Beckham Must Wish She Was Back In Sunny California

Victoria Beckham was spotted exiting a Harrods helicopter this evening as she landed at the Battersea Heliport in London.

I would guess she was traveling back from Manchester, as her collection is due to go on sale in Selfridge's tomorrow.

I love Victoria, you know I do, but it was bitterly cold in London today, the poor girl is going to catch a cold, and she does look cold in these pictures.

The fashion designer - I love saying that - was wearing one of her dresses from her Spring collection. which I hope to try on tomorrow.

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Kadeam said...

Ah Victoria Has Finally Worn Trib Two's

She looks simply Amazing

And that wonderful smile
About time a photo was show of our girl naturally smiling, without a million paps around her

Martha said...

She looks so pretty!!
Do you know what brand heels she is wearing?

Kadeam said...

There YSL Trib Two's
There Sold Out Everywhere!

DVB said...


Ernie said...

I love that she's being caught smiling and happy! Thanks.

nisha said...

wow she looks stunning just like nice to see her smiling and looking so can see her rubbing her hands together is she must be feeling the breeze of the winter weather. i love her heals and she looks so adorable when she gives that smile you can really see how excited she is to e promoting he dress collection.everything is just so perfect and her hair i have fallen in love with.thanks for posting.

Cleopatra said...

How did the dress fit? Did you like it on?

DVB said...

I am going to the store in about 30 mins.

Can't wait

Cleopatra said...

Ok waiting for your urgent feedback lol!

nisha said...

make that two waiting cleopatra i wish i could go i bet there's going to be so many people just urging to try one on it would be so magical . hope yu get the one you want dvb and that you can feedback real quick.

DVB said...

see the top post