Wednesday, 31 December 2008

David Beckham - A Year In Pictures

David Beckham had a GREAT year.

He returned to the England squad back in March and also finally achieved his 100 England cap, we could not have been more proud.

David gave back by visiting leukemia patients at Xinhua Hospital in Shanghai and becoming a UNICEF ambassador and visiting Sierra Leone.

David became a HUGE fan of the Lakers, and his boys did too.

In June David gave us part 2 of his Armani campaign, much to our delight.

In August David kick started the 2012 London Olympic games with Leona Lewis.

I got very close to David Beckham this year at the Spice Girls concert, a memory I will keep forever.

Towards the end of the year David joined AC Milan on loan. Most of us are hoping it will become a permanent move.


nisha said...

i didn't relise that david had such a great year as i forgot about him becoming a UNICEF ambassador. loved how you included your special moment of seeing him go past in the spice girls concert in the summary i think that was really sweet.i think the ac milan kit really suits david so i really want to see more pics of him wearing it so i and i am also looking forward to all the games he will play in.thanks for posting.just wanna say that you put a h instead of an e on the end of huge.

krisha said...

love the first photo of david, he looks super cute!

lani said...

oh why do you torture me with all these gorgeous photos of david beckhams handsomness??