Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Daily Mail Question Victoria Beckham's Design Abilities

If you ever wondered why Victoria Beckham is so adamant that she will live in LA forever, it's because of stupid articles like the the one the Daily Mail published today, which is one of the many reasons she is in no hurry to return to the UK.

The paper ask "Which bit of your dresses DID you design, Victoria?" in reference to the similarities between her collection and Roland Mouret's collection.

OK, the style is very much the same, with pencil dresses and the sleek tailoring, but that is about all.

It is no wonder Victoria was inspired by Roland collection, because she has been wearing his dresses for years.

I found it quite funny that they even compared the thank you note on the dresses.

You can read the whole article here.



Anonymous said...

They are obviously not aware that both of them have the same manager and mng. company (which are Simon Fuller and 19). Also, Victoria said many times Roland helped her with designs.


Shirley said...

Some people are just purely jealous, and wants to put Victoria down, whenever possible.

Ernie said...

Is anyone shocked that this came from that tart Katie Nicholl? Bashing Victoria is a sure thing every Mail on Sunday.

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

^ thanx for the first info, anonymous.
about this article.. pffffff!! dresses are dresses. Details make the difference.

Meg said...

As usual they always try to tear her down. Funny they forgot to mention that it's doing well.

Obviously she's influenced by him and she loves that shape and length. That's what she's worn for ages and it's natural she'll go that route when doing a collection that represents her.

Lara said...

That's just stupid. Let Victoria at once get the credit!

Sara said...

Electra Roland didn't help with the design, he selected the team of cutters and seamstresses for her.
Not really surprised about the UK media, it's the thing to do to put her down and their readers eat it up.

Meg said...

OT- DVB have you seen the pics of her leaving Nobu? I think i see the long zipper at the bottom, could be one of her own or maybe Donna Karen.

Sara said...

Daily Mail is soo incredibly pathetic is not even funny!!

They cant stand that her line is successful so they came up with this?Truly laughable, yes its the same aesthetic, VB is after all a quintessential Mouret woman, so of course it will be similar, even in the promotion and label.

But how can anyone think that Roland would design all the dresses for her is beyond me?Yes they have the same manager, and are friends but please its buisness at the end of the day, and Mouret would be losing money designing for her.

So whatever, she will always get shit from DM and other UK papers,she should just stay determined and eventually distinguish herself from him.

I think that Times interview that seemed boring at first, have done her alot of damage, and she should be more careful in the future.

Meg said...

^ Sara the Times piece was really a disgrace imo. The "journalist" was more concerned about throwing digs at her. The piece was just about the writer's opinion of her.

Janie said...

Although I agree wholehartedly with everything everyone else said here, why oh why did she have to copy so closly the bloody customer label thingy? It gives too much credance to claims that she is "doing a Mouret". I admire her dress collection hugely but she hasn't helped herself at all here. Sorry V.

Sara said...

Janine she did not copy him!!

Its a similar aesthetic, but its not the same.Everyone that knows something about fashion can tell you the difference.Look at her dresses, not one is direct copy.How on earth is that black dress similar to the canary Mouret one that she wore at ESPYs?Nicholl is a complete idiot, who in order to diss Victoria Beckham will go with anything, and of course DM is happy about it.

Look at her dresses, yes the ziper and some details are similar, but Mourets dresses dont have insterted corsets.etc (a very VB thing), this is her frist collection ever for gods sake, give the woman time to evolve and put her signature in.

It dosent matter what she does, she could cure AIDS, and Daily Mail will find a way to critisaze her, so she should just continue to do what she has been doing so faar, ingoring their arses, and going full forward.

No one accused L'Wren Scott of "copying" Mouret,getting banking from her boyfriend, and being hooked up by her designer friends in order to get her first ocllection out,its another label that is similar and caters to the same woman/client.

I'm very proud of what Victoria did for her first collection, imo its way more interesting than Mourets last collection for instance, and cant wait to see what she does next.

snowwhite said...

When I first saw Victoria in one of her dresses I tought that it's Mouret's dress, we must be conscious and to admit thet some of her dresses are so similar to Mouret's...but it's just a start for her, and I think that her dresses are fabulous and the next ones will be more different and will be SO SO SO POSH

Anonymous said...

You are extremely resourceful. I love coming to your blog and checking out what Victoria wore that week. She is one of my fashion icons along with the Olsens and and the newly fashionable Rihanna. ThanKs for being such a dedicated blogger.

Sarah said...

I totally agrre with what everyone has said and quite frankly I can understand if they stayed in the US forever because at least there she is given a fair go and not brought down by the media every chance they get. Its hard enough to succeed when people want you to let alone when they dont.

Joan said...

She simply chose that style of dress because she likes it, but I don't think the dresses are clones of Mouret's...I think there are lots of subtle differences. If she went for huge ballgown style dresses she would've been accused of 'copying' x designer who specialises in that style of dress. She can't win.

And it speaks volumes that they forgot to mention they have the same manager, so obviously things like customer letters will be from the same printer, it saves resources, it's the same for most designers who are part of the same group...but the content of the letter is totally different.

Janie said...

Sara, my name is Janie not Janine and I am a huge fan of both the Beckhams, please re-read my comment, you will see support for her not agreement with the gutter press.The label itself is very similar and therefore does her no favours when trying to prove herself a seperate and very brillient designer in her own right.The press latch on to little details like this and use it as evidence against her you see. I want her to avoid that kind of pitfall. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is mine, so please , Take a chill pill girl! We all love Victoria and want her to do well with this!

nisha said...

i hate hate just hate the daily mail and all the british press for always critising victoria in one way or the other its really painful when you hear or read about some of the things people say about victoria . yes they come in the same design but with different patterns and so many details with in the dresses. yes he helped her to get in touch with some people to work with and probably gave some advice but who wouldn't help their friend and especially when you happen to have alot of experience in that area.and it does have her own touches to it and of course she is going to have similar designs as she wears those types of dresses and sees it as inspiration.i agree with all the people above especially sara the thing about an aids cure was so true they are just jealous and know that because she is so famous and this will sell papers if they have her name on it so they just write all these things when they don't have anything else to do and then pathetic people believe it all and think its true and then try to tell people like us who know the truth about this rubbish.thanks for posting i wish for once they would just sit back and admire her for acheiving success in life.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Nisha

Kiran_Sooknandan said...

I LOOOOOVE Victoria Beckham. Let me get that clear so all the fans dont attack me because the last thing I want is to be told that lulu__Fashion_lover 44 or whatever you blogger name is hates me! I was just wondering DVB, is there anywhere were she actually says I designed this collection?

I've read her say shes the ''creative director'' and ''I put it all on myself and walk around in it, and I know what feels comfortable. I know how a dress should sit.'' Thats all great but I don't think I've read her say that she designed the pieces. Please correct me if Im wrong because Im a big fan of hers I was just wondering if she had ever directly answered the question if she is the sole designer.

A creative director overseas a lot of things but doesnt always design. I know this first hand as I when i worked with kylies lovable lingerie, she pretty much just said I want it to be pink and sexy and girly. Then some people including myself designed pieces and brought them to her and she picked what she liked and then went on to say she designed it! Though I have to give her credit for her suggestion lets make this navy darker - very hands on. Thanks DVB

DVB said...

Creative Director to me means the person who comes up with the idea and guides it through the process, while the producer makes it.

I worked in advertising for 5 years and this is how I interpret the term.

You make a valid point.