Thursday, 4 December 2008

My Day With Victoria Beckham...Dress Collection That Is

OK, so I get to Selfridges at 9.50 after the 9.30 opening and I get to her rail and :o only 6 dresses left.

I asked the shop assistant, if they had all sold out that morning, and he informed me that the most of the dress were sold at a private event the night before.

Yesterday she was at Manchester's Selfridges. She did a luncheon and presentation to 30 VIP customers, and they were given first dibbs on her dress collection. This also happened in the London store.

Selfridges London only ordered 40 pieces :(

Of the 10 designs, only 3 styles remained. So I picked up 2 size 10s and 1 size 8 and excitedly went to the dressing room.

I, of course, had to try on Dress No. 8 first and it's was magical. I did not want to take it off.

I had trouble getting into it because I had unzipped it all the way down to the end, and the dress has a corset fitted into the dress, so essentially I had to do up two separate zips. This proved difficult, so the store assistant helped me into the dress.

The second he did up the dress, I swooned ♥.

If I had more of a bust, and filled out the top half properly, I would very tempted to buy this dress, even with the £1,900 price tag, and the fact that it is almost impossible to sit down in the dress.

But who cares when it looks THIS amazing.

Dress No.1 was also gorgeous.

This is dress was more wearable than Dress No. 8, so you would get more for your money with this dress.

Very much a classic LBD, with a embellished bodice. This dress was around £1,800. Which I expected to be lower, considering the price of Dress No. 8

This was the size 8 dress, which did not fit me at all, but I put it on to show you guys.

I was not as in love with this dress as I was with the other two, but that is probably down to the fact that I could not fit in it.

This dress was the cheapest at £850.

Here are some details.

The tags were in gold show her logo and the sizes in UK, US and Euro.

There was also a cute note, that basically informed the customer that range encapsulates a new timeless style of dressing. Every garment is a testament to the love of fashion and the female form and that the collection was made in the UK.

In conclusion, the collection was as I expected, well made, well tailored and very narrow. My hips are 38ins and all the dresses were tight on my hips, but that is very much the silhouette Mrs Beckham wanted to achieved.

I must say I am very proud of her.

When her collection goes on sale on Net A Porter, next year I will be ready.

Christmas is canceled. I am saving for my Victoria Beckham dress.

Oh, and for the haters, don't bother saying I look like crap...blah blah blah, because I know I look good in these dresses. Well the first two anyway.

You can see VB's full collection here.


Meg said...

The dresses look great on you, especially # 8. I'm surprised #1 looks soo good in your pics, that style was my least favorite.

Cleopatra said...

FC let me be the first to tell you that you look SLAMMIN in those first two dresses (the third was loose on you, true) and seeing as you have enviably narrow hips and long legs you are the exact profile that victoria was targeting. she has excluded a lot of people by tailoring to very narrow hips but i guess she wanted to be true to the silhouette.

I am going to be in Dubai soon and will be looking forward to trying on the ones i liked at Villa Moda out there!

thanks for the forward research you're a star!

Terry said...

Thanks for all the pics and the details. Don't care about the haters: you looked really good in those dresses!

Sarah said...

Im so jealous of you right now. You looked slammin' in those dresses I especially love number 8. Im thinking Im going to have to do the same and just not buy this new car I have saved for or maybe buy a cheaper one and Purchase some items from Victoria's next collection.

Erica D Ireland said...

u do look amazing in all three !!! thats a pain that there was no notice about the private sale . u got christian labutain shoes how i envy you i want a pair so badly !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ur so lucky u got to try them on i want her collection on ireland so much !!!!!

ps sry for the crapy spelling !

DVB said...

Meg. I was the same as you. I was not crazy about it when I saw it on the model either, but it did look good on.

Ernie said...

You look amazing, I have to say. The No 1 was the best one, looked so classy and well-fitted. Never really cared for No 8, but it was also ok. I suppose the No 4 would be better if it were your size.

And Victoria must be chuffed about how the sales are going. Hopefully it won't be only on this store.

The site said it would be available on Harrod's too. Why don't you try there?


DVB said...

Erica, don't worry about your spelling I understand you.

I had to wear my Louboutin's only Louboutin's and the YSL trib two would do these dresses any justice.

Thanks guys.

DVB said...

Sarah, I don't know if you are joking or not, but I would seriously say, this collection is worth it.

I would forgo the car. :)

DVB said...

I forgot about Harrods.

I will see if any are left after work.

Ace Azri said...

its gorgeous on you. the first dress that u wore especially.
omg u must get that.
and the louboutin was the extra oomph for the look..awwww.

nisha said...

omg you look amazing in these dresses i think you look amazing in these dresses and forget about the haters. the dresses looked alot better from when i saw them on the models and i am just so jealous i would have just loved to have even touched one of the dresses and your louboutins so lucky. it must have been such a dissapointment about the private sale for the people who did not get to even try one on and can't believe selfridges only ordered 40 dresses but they sold so fast i knew they would be a sucesss but the prices were quite high for some people but just like you said i am so proud of her this really slams the hammer down on those victoria beckham haters and negative paps and so on this proves that she is talented and a very very good fashion designer with so mcuh more to come. i love you mrs beckham one of the greatest women of our time. thank you so much dvb for sharing your experience with us and you looked stunning in those dresses .

Sara said...

You look great in them and No. 8 looks amazing. I guess the small collection route was a good idea since it seems to be doing very well.

barfam4 said...

no 1 and no 8 look fab on you DVB! they look such gorgeous dresses cant wait to get up to Harvy Nicks!

DVB said...

Thanks y'all.

barfam4...let us know which dresses they have in Harvey Nicks.

Sara, I hope for Fall 2009 it is a bigger collection.

I am going to be in New York for Fashion Week and I hope she does a show.

Raphael Faria said...

u look amazing in those dresses!!!!!
IM #1 fan of your site.....everyday I´m here to see if there is something new...hehe!!!!!!
great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

DVB thank you so much for sending us the shots of the dresses including the details. They look great.

Ernie said...

Grazia says new dresses will arrive later this week on Selfridges. New chances to try them out!

Mark said...

um, smokin hot

Lara said...

You look great! All of the dresses are beautiful. The first dress looks so good on you, and i adore your Louboutins! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG !!! U ROCK !!! My vote is 4 #1.Thanks 4 sharing

Sara said...

You have the perfect body shape for her dresses imo, you are tall and slender and it just shows off your killer body, which is what Vic wanted to achieve.

No8 does not fit you well but its still looks good.I swear i want the first dress that you tried even more now, its truly stunning.

And i am soo happy that it sold at private event, i guess all those filthy rich ladies loved it.

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

LOl sorry but i thought u were a boy bf i saw this!
WOOOWWW great post this is!
u look good and the dress looks impecable. Flawless, CLASSSSSSSSSSS. high quality.
thanx for pix!

snowwhite said...

:))))you lucky "b...."!!!:)))))
Love you!!!!
And you look so so so good in those dresses!!! Are you a model or smth like that???

DVB said...

I used to be briefly, but hated it.

Thanks for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

I really love your Loboutin´s!
But - how much they cost? It must be a very expensive buy!:((
I´m from Czech republic and I´m the only person who wear the original DVB jeans:)
I enjoy your site every single day:)
Big greeting form Czech

DVB said...

Thanks Nina,

They cost around £300 and something.

They are the very basic ones.

ayuni said...

dress no. 8 looks really lovely on u!

Devi said...

You look great! And I love your Louboutins too! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. Good pics!

DVB said...

My pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

You look really stunning in those dresses. I think I like No. 1 most! You have the perfect body for the dresses. You are a lucky girl. Keep my fingers crossed for NY Fashion Week!


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful
what the price of dress n°04
thank said...

hey FC great job and great coverage. you look great in the dresses. keep up the great work.

thats alot of greats lol

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! You look absolutely stunning in the first two dresses. You have a very beautiful body and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself at the launch. The prices are too high, but I think it's worth it when it looks that beautiful on a person. I'm only 16 and I'm petite, I would love to wear an outfit like that but I think it wouldn't be age appropriate for teens. I think it would be really cool if VB decided to design dresses for teens too, because it'll be nice and it's her style =) You should def. purchase the first 2 dresses <3333

pierre said...

No. 8 looked so good! buy it! Buy it now!

muchlove said...

Those dresses look AMAZING!! You really look fantastic in them! Thanks so much for the pictures. I'm jealous I can't even TRY them. I can only dream of wearing no.4, 7, and 10...

That kinda sucks that the private clients get to grab them first :(

Lanina said...

I love the No.1 Dress, it looks great on you. Do you know if other countries will get the collection?

Janie said...

You looked smashing in all of the styles I only wish I was little enough still to get into an 8/10 ! You have a great figure! (I used to be a skinny-minnie 6/8 now more like a 12) and take it from me boobs can be a disadvantage where high fashion is concerned.

Anonymous said...

You look great!!!
I LOVE the dress n°1 so much...

Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much for posting this and for updating your blog so often. I just love it so much and it can really get me trough an awful day. And I say as everyone else; you look gorgeous in those dresses!

Anonymous said...

Dear FC

1.A Big Thank you for sharing your experience with us. These pictures are such a treat... (Also, we got to grasp a bit of your gorgeous self which is the cherry on the cake ;-) )

2.Although, you do look fab and are thin and beautiful, we get to see those dresses on someone else than a 17 yo model

3. Bravo for your dedication to VB. Your website is so well documented your comments are a pleasure to read. So exhaustive, I always have a sense of treat when reading it.

4. I like your other blog as well> love the comments and documentation... THANK YOU for this!!!! and keep up with the GREAT WORK!

DVB said...

Dear V,

As I am surrounded by boxes trying to pack, I read your message and it warmed by heart and released the stress I was feeling.

Thanks a lot it gave me the lift I needed to get this packing done.

It really is my pleasure to work on this site and comments like the 42 on this post, make it all worthwhile...thank you all.


Mai said...

OMG! you are freakin awesome!!!!! you look so beuatiful! and the dresses are so much prettier on a real person! No. 1 look really great on you. thats my favorite one but in the lighter color.
I like read your blogs twice a day and its like eating cake withour worrying about the calories! :D
plus i love them shoes! Can't wait for the day when i can get my own pair!

Lilflowa said...

FC you look absolutely stunning girl!! No 8 looks banging on you! I wish the collection was in the Birmingham Selfridges so i could try them on also!

You have a similar figure to mine and somehow you gave me confidence to feel good about it because im always being told im too thin which is annoying!

Anyway its glad to see a bit of the person behind the name! Keep it up hun xx

Lilflowa xXx (Still checking your site daily)

Anonymous said...

the dresses were amazing and you looked good in them too! i really hope the dresses get launched in Australia. there look sooo good :) i love VICTORIA BECKHAM

Ana Sofia said...

Thank you so much for the pictures.
You look good on all dresses.
I like dress #1 the best, it is so classy.
But dress #8 looks the best on you.
I enjoy your blog very much, and thank you again for sharing those pictures with us.
It's like living through you.

lorra said...

hi you look amazing in all the dresses
are u really size 8 u look like size 2 to me
im from kuwait so i called villa moda here and they said they might have them in feb so i cant wait to try them 2

Lester said...

WOW!!! I love how up to date your Blog is - i check it everyday from SA!!!

BTW the first dress you tried on was FABULOUS!!!! Loved the Red soled shoes too!!!

Thanx for a FABULOUS blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! I am absolutely floored. The dresses are gorgeous- you look fab in them. I don't think I could have resisted purchasing (esp. no. 8) Thanks so much for giving us an up close look at the dresses. When I first saw the collection I was impressed, but seeing the detail and quality in these pics gives me a new appreciation for Ms. Beckham's talent!

claudia said...

you look AMAZING in this dress!the second one is PERFECT!

lorra said...

hi all
thanx for the post u look amazing in all the dresses i cant beleaive ur size 8 u look size 4 to me
im from kuwait and i called villa moda and i think by feb they will have her collection so i cant wait to try them on

DVB said...

Lorra, I am a UK size 10, which I think is a US6 or 4.

Thanks you all for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

I honestly come to thus blog every day or weekly. You looked wonderful in the collection.
Your figure resembles of Victoria!

Best from Canada <3

Sara said...

"I am going to be in New York for Fashion Week and I hope she does a show." You're so lucky :D Are you invited to the NY Fashion Week ? :)

DVB said...

Nothing is confirmed but most likely Carolina Herrera and Matthew Williamson.

I am also trying for Brian Reyes and a few others. I have a few friends in New York who can hook me up.

Sara said...

"I have a few friends in New York who can hook me up." That's great :D You're lucky to have those friends :) I hope you'll have great fun at the shows !