Monday, 1 December 2008

Daddy Day-Care

If this does not melt your heart, nothing will.

David Beckham took his boys to see a Lakers game last night.

They playfully attacked each other with inflatable wands, in good fun. But the cutest sight was the hugs and kisses the family shared.

Cruz took it upon himself to put on an impromptu break-dancing display for fans.

He is his mothers son after all.

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yvonne said...

Thanks for pics dvb. David and his boys are sooooooo cute.

Rock*Star said...

How CUTE is Cruz in the 4th pic?He's adorable with his fallen teeth :)

Romeo Looks a lot like Victoria in the first picture.

Sometimes Brooklyn's eyes and the way he looks at camera's reminds me of David.

Beautiful children from beautiful parents.

Anonymous said...

I hope Victoria gets to see these pictures, but then again she gets a live show at home. She is one Lucky Woman!! Those pictures are soooo adorable!!

Devi said...

He's a great dad.

Anonymous said...

he's a scumbag. the only reason he goes to these games is so he can hang out in the presidents club and cheat on his wife with other women. heard he's sleeping with some groupy tramp friend of the busses, daniela or something, not to mention the rumors of him cheating with the cheerleaders and god only knows who else. the public are so easily manipulated into thinking hes such a good guy. 'oh look how good a dad is he takes his kids to games.' how good of a dad is he that he cheats on his wife with thousands of women?

DVB said...

I don't normally post anonymous comments because they are usually from idiots, but in your case I wanted to tell you how much of an idiot you really are.

If David was - and I DO NOT believe for one second that he is - cheating on his wife, why the hell would he taking his kids to the game?

Have some common sense for god sake.

pierre said...

so true DVB!

Ivanna said...

Anonymous, you're a douch, jealousy is a very ugly thing as you most likely are. The devotion David has to family is undeniable its written on his body, and you can feel it, that affection is genuine. I think you should stay off this site, did you purposely visit to hate? Sad life

Ernie said...

I have to say, despite thinking 'Anonymous' post was bullshit, it's a change of the usual hate aimed solely at Victoria that it's seen elsewhere. I stopped reading LaineyGossip and I'm close to do the same with DenDen, both full of venom towards VB.

Friend of the Busses? Who/what are the Busses? :D

Great blog, DVB, keep it up!

hinismiracle said...

It's sad to hear some people just believe in gossip and cant' realize which is the truth. How can you truly know he cheat his wife or not? Based on what newspapers, magazines or internet said?

Anw, looking at these pictures, we can feel how he loves his sons.. I love these pictures when he kisses Romeo and Cruz.. how wonderful it is. OMG.. I love him much more :X:X:X

lorysamgabry said...

anonymous is a snake poisonous and idiot.
DVB thank for the post
Ciao from Italy

Kelyn said...


kat said...

even nicky hilton said seeing david and the boys at the games is the cutest thing ever on a recent episode of paris hiltons my new bff (hey its funny if nothing else to watch these people lol)