Wednesday, 24 December 2008

In Victoria's Closet - Victoria Beckham Collection Dress #5

The dress Victoria Beckham wore was dress number 5 from her collection.

The dress is named Evol and it is a trompe l'oeil style dress with a wrap shirt and a fitted skirt.

This was one of the dresses that was on my wish list.



Sabrina Marie said...

I love this outfit. It's my favourite of the lot!

Marquis de Lannes said...

Este, me encanta! es precioso!

Lara said...

That dress is perfect, so Victoria.

pierre said...

on another note i just got beckham signature for christmas. i love it. like she says "with signature you really are getting a piece of me and David". smells so good.

Anonymous said...

VICTORIA may be 'XFACTOR to host italian show ! simona ventura and 'the presenter of the show very famous in italy and BIG FAN of VIKY and DAVID always !!! GREAT NEWS !!!! anna

The Boob Sistas said...

Hello and Merry Christmas. Please where can i buy the dvb Style Two Tone Sunglasses? I can't seem to find it anywhere here in London.

Please stop by my blog if you can as well.


DVB said...


I hate to ruin your excitement, but Victoria has said many times that she has finished with music.

She wants to be seen as a serious designer and I just can't see her on a pop music show like X Factor.

Maybe it will happen, but I don't see it.