Saturday, 20 December 2008

David Beckham Gets The No. 32 Shirt

As much as David Beckham wanted the 23 jersey, he had to make do with the reversed 32, not the 75 as first reported.

The shirt was unveiled at the press conference. I will bet this shirt will be a HUGE seller. I know I am going to get one.

These photos were presented to the media at the press conference.

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lorysamgabry said...

I watched the press Conferences, and David was fantastic, I loved his Italian. In Italy is Beckhammania.David must demonstrate its value in the field, 1) because in Italy the football is a religion (maybe I exaggerating) 2 in Italy there are great champions example: Maldini, Totti Del Piero Ronaldhino, etc. 4) AC Milan is not LA Galaxy. Ciao from Italy. DVB Grazie (Thanks)

Bee said...

Love it! He looks great.. I love how he always has those long sleeves on

Terry said...

@Lory: you know you're not exxagerating, because here in Italy football is really a religion :) Well, these pics of David are really amazing and it's quite an emotion to know he'll play for Milan (I am a Milan fan since I was a child ;)).

Anonymous said...

For me it is emotional to see him in an European jersey again. Wish so much he would stay...


DVB said...

Me too Suki, Me too.

I think he will find it very hard to leave.

Julie said...

WTF I got the number 75 jersey on Tuesday. Now what?????

nisha said...

i feel so sorry for you julie you might be able to return it. david looks so hot in these kit i think its the red that really suits him first i wasn't sure if i was going to buy the kit but know after seeing david in it i have been forced to buy it so i am going to buy it as soon as i come back from my hoilday.thanks for posting

Julie said...

Thanks nisha. The company sent me a free return label and a $15 credit toward the number 32 jersey. They were so embarrassed at the mess up. I should have it before his first game. I was afraid it would sellout.

I love this site. It is the first thing I look at in the morning.

Happy holidays to all


DVB said...

I am so sorry you got the 75 shirt, I feel in some way responsible since I posted it on my site.

I hope you get 32 before his game.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy holiday DVB x

Julie said...

DVB. You are in no way at fault. I ordered it from Fox Soccer Channel. The company's website had the wrong number. They felt so bad. But I should have my new shirt before the new year.

Happy and healthy new year to all