Saturday, 20 December 2008

Victoria Beckham - The Making Of An Icon

The Guardian did a piece on Victoria Beckham's style, and how it has evolved over the years from WAG to Style Icon.

Alexandra Shulman editor of Vogue said, "Her style has changed enormously in the past three years. She's become much more fashion-savvy which I think she wasn't before and she's realised that the obvious isn't always fashionable."

You can read the whole article here.



Nat said...

i can agree with this article only from one side, but from the other she has just grown up and that's the change.
I adore her style in the first pic when she was not so thin as she is now. Never the less she is gorgeous whatever she does. Love her!

brit said...

i just love her, her humour her down to earthness, her style and her love of good hard labour, i also love how patriotic shes always been, she really is flying the flag for England. i understand she dosn't always look your typical down to earth person in photos but in all her interviews shes been a star and humble and up for a giggle, lv her to bits! thanx for another fantasticly fab year victoria, she looks just as gorgeous if not more than she has ever been!

nisha said...

i agree with what they said in the article if you look back at victoria's outfits over the years her choice and style has changed so much even though she always liked dresses like in the spice girls days she wore alot of dresses but they weren't always that great some were quite tacky and after she had this phase where she wore lots of hats and hoodies and so many more phases over the years. i think that victoria's changes have been great as she has experimented in many different ways and is not afraid to try things.its shaped her to be the perfect style icon she is now because now she rarely ever goes wrong with her choices. one thing i have noticed is that she always was very good with her hair like in the spice girls days she always had it iron straight and it was always well styled in my opinions except for the blonde highlights that i did not like that much.they could even do something about how her hair has changed over the years.i think that victoria definately deserves praise for how well she has developed her style over the years. your the best victoria