Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Victoria Beckham Talks To The Times

On her eve of her dress collection going on sale in Selfridges tomorrow, Victoria Beckham sat down with Lisa Armstrong from the Times to talk about her never being good at singing, and the launch of her own fashion label, which she defends her status as its sole designer and explains the power of visualisation.

Here are some extracts:

"We lead our lives in a much more low-profile way than people think. I'm not going to The Ivy in Beverly Hills. I don't think I've been to a premiere since we moved there."

"We're not courting fame. I can give you a list of numerous restaurants that have underground parking so no one can get any photographs.

"Underground car parks and kitchens - that's my grand entrance. But in LA, at least we can be freer. I think the obsession with celebrity is worse in the UK than in America."

"I don't really care what people think. I never made friends easily. For years, when I was in the Spice Girls, those were my four best friends. Now I've got David."

"Nothing has ever come particularly naturally to me. It's made me a hard worker and very disciplined."
The Spice Girls may have been her biggest success but she said she always wanted to be a fashion designer.

You can read the whole interview here.


brit said...

im such a geek im reading her auto yet again! this interview sounds just like she did 10 years ago, down to earth and a person of the people, its so ironic she is one of the most down to earth and normal celebs ive really herd in an interview (ant and dec saturday night takeaway, ali G, parkinson... {minus some when she first went to America) and just because she was named posh in the spice girls as a joke the media has fed off it really badly ever since she got with David, jelously i suspect... she deserves so much more credit than she has been given, its crazy really.

pierre said...

if you havent ready her autobiography go out and get it! its amazing. a very interesting look into her past and present life. it really changed my view of her (all thought it was a positive view before to!)

brit said...

O and ps. that interviewer is such a bad one, all she did was try to find fault and catch her out...she bascially brought up every single negative thing that has happnd to victoria over the years {bullied at school, her weight issues, rebbecca loos in Madrid} victoria also said in her autobiography that she does have weight issues due to being called fat at school by dance teachers and by the media, not many people could cope either....cant the bloody interviewer concentrate on all her acheivements and there is a ton to choose from... she really sounded like a jelous cow.

pierre said...


Janie said...

Thank you for that DVB, It was actually an interesting interview for a change. (Despite what anyone else thinks) I thought it sounded as if the interviewer really went away feeling as if V was likeable after all , so thats another one down Gawd knows how many more to go eh?