Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Roland Mouret Was A Mentor To Victoria Beckham

This should poke the Daily Mail in the eye, as it was confirmed by Vogue, that Victoria Beckham’s PR team revealed that Mouret mentored her through the whole experience - and even called into her South London-based studio to congratulate her ahead of its launch last week.

"Roland set Victoria up with his pattern cutter and also introduced her to his fabric suppliers. The seamstress' atelier in Battersea was introduced to Victoria via Roland - they are a couture atelier looking after many London-based designers," a Beckham representative confirmed to press. "There is no secret Roland has helped Victoria set up various aspects of her atelier in London."

Victoria’s people insist that Roland had absolutely nothing to do with the creative process.



Meg said...

Hey DVB, here's a link about how the dresses are doing in NY.


heather ♥ said...

im sad to see that there is no new post for me to read today on here, and since you are posting on your other blog, i kind of think it may be because of all the sh!t that people have been giving you!!

i just wanted to comment to say that those people are very unfair and very selfish when they say those things. you take time out of your day to post for all of us to enjoy, and if they dont appreciate that than they shouldnt bother commenting! especially when they are so rude.

everyone may not agree with you, but thats OK! and thats the point! to start discussions and hear what everyone thinks.. but attacking you? thats just tasteless and pathetic of those people.

so i just thought you should know how much i appreciate your blogs, both of them, and your love for the beckhams, that i share! what you do is incredible, and i hope that you know that there are lots of people who read daily and appreiciate what you do and love to hear your opinions! so a BIG THANK YOU from me :) !!

♥ ♥ ♥

DVB said...

Hey Heather,

Thanks for the love.

You are right. I did not make the effort today, my heart just was not into being creative for this site.

DVB said...

Hey Heather,

Thanks for the love.

You are right. I did not make the effort today, my heart just was not into being creative for this site.

Everyone has an opinion - which I welcome hence me adding "what are your thoughts" to the blog, but personal attacks just piss me off.

pierre said...

i need my daily Beckham updates!
please dont stop. :)

Erica D ireland said...

oh please keep posting i love this site , dont let nasty comments bring you down . it may sound odd but your site lets me do some thing that i would give all most any thing to see and that is a small glimpse into Victoria Beckham's wardrobe !!!!!! i love how you focus on more then her diet and her figure you post on so much that i wouldnt normal get to see

so please please keep posting !!!!!


DVB said...

Don't worry.

I love the Beckham too much.

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

hey, i dont know what happened. Hope u're ok!
U have the most famous site on earth about vb and i think u shud just laugh at those attaks. 'They're jealous' is the typical answer... but maybe they're not, maybe they just have issues hahaha. so i suggest u just go on building this beautiful site =)

big hug and i hope everything's very good with the new house.

DVB said...

Yes, I am still around.

Unfortunately no Beckham news to report.

I have been looking out to see if I can find her Armani pictures. Hopefully they will be released before Christmas.

My new home is gorgeous, thank you.