Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Beckhams - A Year In Pictures

After 9 years of marriage, the Beckham's are still going strong.

They became the Hollywood couple after only being in LA for a year.

The biggest occasion was in May the couple arrived at the Costume Institute Gala, but they also walked the red carpet at the ESPY Awards.

Separately they are fantastic, together they are amazing.


pierre said...

damn, your so good at this blog!

nisha said...

i love the last line it is just so true and they really have become hollywood couple in such a short time of arriving in la.i have particually enjoyed pics of david and victoria going to have dinner dates together and pics of the boys going to the la lakers games.the beckhma family is definately the best dressed and cutestest family in showbiz in my opinion they are such a great family as they all love doing things together..god bless them.2009 is going to be the special one for david and victoria as it is their 10th wedding anniversary wonder what they have planned for that whatever it is i know its going to be big.thanks for posting your the best dvb

ct_meech said...

They are fantastic and amazing! :)
I love them both so much and i hope they will live happily ever after together! :)

***-_dvb_-*** said...

Me encantan!!! I love them!!!