Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Victoria Beckham For Harper's Bazaar US January 2009

OK, instead of me putting together my wish list, I should have just looked on Harper's Bazaar's website.

Here is her stunning editorial. No cover picture yet though.

Click here to read her interview.

UPDATE: I guess Harper's Bazaar released the pictures and interview early, because they have now taken it down and replace it with the December interview with Lindsay-dirty face-Lohan.

Her editorial wardrobe is as follows:

1. Shirt, $690, and pants with suspenders, $1,155, Jean Paul Gaultier. Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco; 415-986-4380. Hat, $175, Lola Hats. Atrium, Miami Beach; 305-695-0757.

2. White light. Dress, $3,415, Victoria Beckham. Bergdorf Goodman; 212-753-7300. Round-diamond bracelet, $117,000, Chopard. Princess-cut diamond bracelet, price upon request, Bulgari. Shoes, by special order, Dior.

3. Gamine glamour. Dress, $24,000, Balmain. Bergdorf Goodman; 212-753-7300. Studs and ring (worn throughout), Victoria’s own, Chopard.

4. Victor Victoria. Jacket, $1,540, shirt, $330, and pants, $890, Gucci. 800-456-7663. Tie, $180, Dior Homme. 212-421-6009.

5. Victoria Beckham's take on flower power. Silk gown with floral appliqu├ęs, Dolce & Gabbana. 877-70-DGUSA. Yellow diamond earrings and ring (Victoria's own), Chopard. Sapphire-and-diamond bracelet, Bulgari.

6. Pinstripe wrap top, $690, and pants, $1,155, Jean Paul Gaultier. Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco; 415-986-4380.



nisha said...

wow she looks absloutely amazing i could not be more happier for her . her carrer is soaring ahead and she is taking over magazine covers all over the world finally she is being respected in the fashion world. if i am not mistaken this is her first magazing editoral with the poxie and i must say it is stunning so chic and stylish. the first time i have seen her in a suit and tie combo for amagazine wow thank you so much for you victoria.the interview was excellent victoria is just such an amazing person so unique i just wish people would relise how great she is and stop critisising her when they don't even know the truth and alot of people don't know how successful her fragrances and the rest of dvb actaully is.she is just so talented but yet she still doesn't boast about her talents such an wonderful person. thanks for posting

DVB said...

You are welcome Nisha.

I just can't wait for the Giorgio Armani pictures.

I will be interest to see if they give her a wig as I do not ever recall seeing a short haired woman advertising underwear. Even Selita Ebanks wore a wig when she walked for the Victorias Secret show recently

Dorian Gray said...

i really like this Harper's Bazaar exclusive but I'm asking if Victoria will ever be on Vogue America cover! I hope it 'cause she deserves the best!
ps. what do you think about Wintour's gossip? Will she leave Vogue after such a long time??

Thanks for the pics! What will we do without this blog?

Ernie said...

Thanks so much for that, DVB. Seems you got the D&G gown right, eh?

I hope they don't give her a wig to the underwear pics, I would hate that to happen.

DVB said...

I hope Wintour does leave Vogue US, it needs a shake up.

Carine would be perfect.

I also want Wintour to go because I believe she is the reason Victoria does not have a Vogue US cover yet.

Vicky said...

I love the contrast of the masculine photo with blue tux and the softer feminine look in the last photo. <3

DVB said...

Erin, one out of 3 aint bad ;)

snowwhite said...

I love Balmain dress!!!
And her look on a photo with blue suit is Ohhhhhh...killing

Susan said...

The interview link doesnt work:(

it gets directed to a lindsay lohan interview. I even tried searching for the interview on the site, and that also gets directed to the lindsay lohan interview

nisha said...

yes i must say i agree with the fact that vogue does need a bit of a shake up and i don't know much about wintour but if you say that she is the reason victoria is not on a vogue us cover then i want her to be out (right this instance)even though i live in the uk and won't be able to get that issue but yeah it would be her best cover.i also can't wait for her armani underwear pics but yeah i wonder if they give her a wig but i hope they don't as i love her poxie and she has actually made me want to get it and it would look so nice to see people reactions to the short hair. dvb i am atually in india on afamily hoilday wish iwasn't but i just remembered that victoria had a cover of vogue india just last month and i am pretty sure i will be able to get hold of it and scan the editoral when i get back for everyone.i agree with dorian where would we be without this blog it is the best blog of the beckhams and i appreciate it so much just as so many others do as i actaully tried to do one myself but it was so hard as i did not have time and i chose a bit of a bad name so nobody went on it so i am really grateful so nice that you reply back i would just love to meet you as i am sure we would have so much to talk about as i also read you other blog the red carpet fashion blog.thanks for posting