Saturday, 20 December 2008

David Beckham's AC Milan Press Conference

The press conference has just finished in which David was unveiled as an AC Milan player.

David impressed everyone by starting the press conference speaking in Italian.

An Italian journalist then asked how Becks would manage to juggle football with showbusiness.

He replied: "I've got a very down-to-earth family. Football means everything to me. It always has and it always will do."

"Going to America was a challenge for me. But I always said I would miss playing football at the very highest level. I need to be playing top-flight football to keep myself fit."

It will take a while to upload the press conference, because there was so much of it.

Victoria was there, looking gorgeous in all black. I particularly loved her make-up.

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ivinea said...

Victoria is getting more beautiful, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she's so proud of David, and so in love with him, that's really cute. They embody love and loyalty, and the values of family. I love them!

DVB said...

I totally agree with everything you just said.

Sarah said...

OK Im totally confussed. What does all of this mean for his contract and career with the Galaxy. Does that mean he is leaving them for AC Milan or will they share him? I dont want them to leave America it has brought such good things to them.

DVB said...

His loan spell at Milan is exactly that..a loan.

His Galaxy contract is not affected in anyway.

Loan deals happen a lot in football.

Arsenal regularly loan their younger players to lower league teams to keep them fresh and to improve their game before they get a chance to play for the first team.

Normally the team who loans out the player, still pays the players wages, but since the MLS season is not currently in session, I will guess that AC Milan is paying his wages.

nisha said...

ivinea i love everything you said and strongly agree victoria is such a supportive wife and the look on her face is priceless she is just so beautiful.she was even smiling and clapping at the end just adorable.she was so intrested in david's spech that she put the headphones on when they were talking in italian so that she could understand. simon fuller looked very happy with how things went well he is such a good manger. i loved her dress and make up too and her hair is so nice like this.thanks for posting