Thursday, 4 December 2008

Manchester Sells Out of Victoria Beckham, And 3 Dresses Left In London

This is what Grazia posted today on their site:

Yikes, they've only been on the shelves for about five minutes and Victoria Beckham's dresses are already virtually sold out. Despite very little public excitement outside London's Selfridges store - no signs of Commes de Garcons stampede here - there are only three dresses left on the rail. Whispers on the shop floor are that the few that weren't sold at the private shopping event last night attended by Mrs Beckham herself have been swooped up for a private client to take her pick from at midday today. So looks like VB's self-promotion - she wore her FREJUS dress at last night's launch - sure worked... No word of what happened in Manchester yet but check back later for updates. Oh, and apparently the London store is receiving another delivery early next week if you want one.

UPDATE: We've just heard that in Manchester Victoria Beckham's dresses didn't even hit the Selfridges shop floor. They all sold out at the private event held at the store there last night. Popular lady, huh?

I don't think it is fair that these Private Clients get to see them first. What about everyone else?

Thanks Ernie



Ernie said...

Yay for the sucess of the collection. I don't fault them for having private clients buying them first - it's her first try on this market and she needed people who could actually affort them.

You know if the did an open launch - like the denim one on Harrod's - it wouldn't sell that much and she would be roundly panned for that.

That being said, new shipments are probably coming later this week, so it's not all bad for the rest of us, I suppose.


Rebecca said...

All I want to know is how to be a private client... I think that selling the dresses this way was a bigger success for her even if it was a disappoinment for us as it were.

Dorian Gray said...

Do you think Victoria will start design for men too?
I hope it so much! Her collection is so chic, so elegant, so HER Style!

nisha said...

i agree with dorian gray , rebecca and ernie. if you think about it dvb is so succesful in just a few years earning more than $200 million and the dress collection has just got launched and is already selling out then i can't even imagine how succesful the brand will be in say 5 years time. i hope for dvb to continue having more sucess that it has already and i read in an article somewhere that in the top 10 selling frangrances beckham itametly was number 10 and the only celebratey frangrance on the list. thanks for posting.