Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Victoria Beckham Allergic To Pasta?

It has been reported that Victoria Beckham is allergic to pasta, declaring it "kryptonite".

I personally do not think Victoria would be so rude as to insult Italy's national dish, but "The Daily Star" - as if she would ever talk to that down-market newspaper - has quoted her as saying: "It's not that I avoid carbs, I'm allergic to pasta. It's like my kryptonite.

"I feel like I can't digest it properly and it makes me feel ill."

An AC Milan fan said: "Pasta is our national dish. How can you live in Italy and not try some? From the look of her she could do with tucking into spaghetti!"

MTV Italia news spoke of the Beckham's arrival in Milan, and they of course talked about Victoria shopping.

More Milan pictures.

Have a Great Christmas and New Year.

No doubt the Beckham will be out and about at some point, so I will check up on them over the holidays.

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Meg said...

Good ol UK press. Seems like they're trying to do the "garlic" thing in Milan. I'm still shocked that some people in Spain still believe that.

DVB said...

I totally agree. These types of stories are ridiculous and I wanted everyone to know how stupid they are

loredana samuele gabriele said...

Why the British press hates the Beckhams? If Italy and the world the Beckhams are detested the culprit is the british press. Sunday, the day of presentation of David, an Italian journalist (Gianfranco Mughini) in Contro Campo, who is an imported sports program that has much audience,him said that Victoria is a devil, I am sad because David was not present, and did not able to defend his wife, I would have liked to pull the neck to this journalist. I hope that this news is false, because the pasta is good.
Buone Feste a tutti.
Happy Holidays everyone

pierre said...

thanks so much for all the hard work this year! i hope you have a good christmas.

pierre said...

thanks so much for all the hard work this year! i hope you have a good christmas.

Loien said...

Well D&G apparently talked to Il Corriere Della Sera a few days ago and said they ate spaghetti, fish and vegetables during their dinner together. So that proves that "pasta allergy" crap is just that - nonsense.

Sara said...

Wow, Loredana I can't believe that guy actually said that. what was the reason he gave?

I really hope it's true that she doesn't read the press because it doesn't matter how strong a person is, the constant unwarranted attacks can take a toll.

nisha said...

hilarious its so pathetic what they write always trying to create new stories and they know the crap will sell beacause they used victoria as their victim.what really sucks is that they are the british press they are the ones who should be the most proud of how great she is and that they do it at the time of christmas they could have let her have a little break from all this nonsence.when will they learn. hopefully too many people don't belive it and can someone tell me what this garlic thing in spain is about i have never heard it.thank you dvb for letting everyone know this story i read it earlier in the day and was waiting for you to write about it so that i could know what everyone else thought of it.hopefully we should get an answer to these rumours soon.loredana i didn't know about that and i agree david would have been an unhappy man if he knew about this and just like sara i would like to know what reason he gave and how dare that man even say that about victoria its just ridiculious so stupid.merry christmas to everyone and a happy new year hope you all get great presents and thank you dvb for all your hard work and excellent amount of dedication to this blog this is the one blog i can always trust to give the best information on the beckhams really appricate what you do for all us beckham fans who visit this blog.thanks for posting. dvb i am sure david and victoria would be so proud of all the efforts you put in to making this blog as great as it is.congratulations dvb you have the best beckhams blog in the whole world the other blogs are nowhere near as good.

DVB said...

Dear Nisha thanks for your kind words. I do strive to make this blog the best source for Beckham news because I could never find one so o started this one.

Thank you all for your kind messages.

It will be an exciting 2009

loredana samuele gabriele said...

Sara, unfortunately it's true I have heard with my own ears (ear). He (Mughini) was angry with Galliani and has accused the AC Milan to have given David the opportunity to play in Italy, this man has also said that is a shame to have Beckham in Italy and added the sentence on. Victoria.Ciao from Italy.