Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Victoria Beckham For The Times

Here is the photo that accompanied the Times interview with Victoria Beckham.

Cute no?

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pierre said...

shes thinking in her head to all the people against her.

Look At Me Now, You Thought I Wouldn't Be Succesful?
Watch ME!

DVB said...

Ha. I love that

nisha said...

i definately agree with pierre's that yeah she was always put down at school and by so many other people throughout her life and is constantily critised by the public and media. they all keep thinking she hasn't got it in her to design dresses and thats what they always think about her when she does things . but look at victoria always proving them wrong with whatever she does this interview is like her screaming out look i can do creative things to the people who say she can't sing and dance and all she does is shop and pout all day this collection is like a slap around their face and they all know its got brillant dresses but they stil think she has other people doig the work and her just putting her name to the label. this interview was realy really good and for me i found out alot of things that i did not know like the thing about the suprise birthday party and wannabe lines . thanks for posting.

Nikolett said...

I so love her dresses. Do You think it will be available to buy them in Hungary??