Thursday, 18 December 2008

AC Milan To Offer David Beckham A Two Year Deal

AC Milan are set to offer David Beckham a two-year contract if his loan spell with the Italian giants goes well.

David will join Milan at their winter camp in Dubai - as they take a Christmas break from Serie A - and he should make his debut against Roma on January 11.

Beckham is scheduled to return to LA for the start of the MLS season in March, but Milan are looking at the possibility of signing the England international until 2010.

It has been reported that David's contract with the Galaxy has a get-out clause that comes into force in 2009, and as the club had the worst record in the MLS this year they may feel Beckham's base salary of £4.5million is difficult to justify despite bumper crowds home and away.

A move back to Europe would suit Beckham who is desperate to remain part of the England squad until the 2010 World Cup finals.

As always this is speculation. We will have to wait to see what actually happens.


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Lo said...

As usual there will be speculation right up to his first day back in LA. He has said countless times that he will be returning to LA for the new season, I very much doubt he will go back on his word now after he stressed he wasn't leaving LA. He still feels there is a lot more work to be done and at the end of the day he achieved everything he wanted in Europe.