Sunday, 21 December 2008

VIDEO: David Beckham's Sky Sports Interview With Ilaria D'Amico

Just as I thought. Those rumours about Victoria Beckham banning her husband from being interview with Ilaria D'Amico was false. When will people give Victoria a break?

In his interview David talked openly about his wife and family and told Ilaria that he and his wife made 'joint decisions' although sometimes he wore the trousers and sometimes Victoria did.

The former Manchester United star said:'Of course I always take advice from my wife.

"We are united and we take decisions together. We have three children and we always discuss things."

"Sometime she decides things and sometimes I decide but we try and do things together."

"Victoria has always loved Milan fashion week. She loves it here, she has very good taste."

"We have checked out some of the schools in Milan in case we decide to bring the children over but we decided to give them some stability and will stay in LA. It's just until March."

Ilaria then laughed as she asked Beckham he if had learnt any Italian and he said: "Buona sera (good evening), er, bellismo. That's about it but I will try and learn some more."

Afterwards Ilaria said: "David was very nice. He was very gentle and very agreeable. He was not a diva at all."

"He told me that Milan was a beautiful city and that he would be living here and any future decisions about the family coming to Milan would be taken together."

"He told me that for the time being the children would be staying in LA with Victoria. I have followed David's career for years and he is a wonderful player with a wonderful right foot."

I don't know about you, but this is that fact that they are looking at schools in Milan sounds very interesting and promising.

Below are some You Tube videos. Unfortunately they have commentary over the top of what David is saying, so you have to listen carefully to hear his responses.

By the way the Ilaria D'Amico is GORGEOUS. Wow.

UPDATE: Beth has kindly translated the interview for us. Please open the comments to read the full interview.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Anonymous said...

Looking for schools sounds really interesting. But I have to calm down and not thinking about a possible stay at Milan.


Beth said...

All questions translated from google, not perfect though.

For you the Milan is a dream that existed for some time, that a dream is realized. Why Italy for those two months?
Without a shadow of doubt is that a dream is coming true. I played for the exceptional teams around the world and has been a wonderful experience. This experience is continuing to me is a new challenge and I want to be able to say: "I played with a great team in England, Spain and Italy." It's exceptional because of having had this opportunity and was Galliani to give me a chance that I could not lose. It's really a dream is coming true.

Mourinho said that the charm of football abroad is less strong than it is here in Italy. How about you?
All the things he says Mourinho has a profound meaning for me this second is an exceptional manager. It has been at Chelsea and Porto, is a very respected by all teams. Here we are in Milan and this is Milan and it is clear that I will have to work for their rivals. For me this is an exceptional team but Mourinho is a great manager.

You know that right now might be the man to have run more in Milan, epic by injuries in recent weeks?
I understand and I also know that certain situations have taken place in recent weeks, I have watched carefully the last matches of Milan. Sometimes something exceptional has happened, now there are injured so we hope that by tomorrow we already might be something interesting. I could already play tomorrow but it is normal that there are injuries, that someone can not play and that there may be substitutes. I would like to give a hand, helping the team to win something and then to increase and improve the level of the game as a player who comes to be part of a team. I do not want to disturb or totally disrupt the unity of the team. I am a person who wants to have fun and definitely work.

Feel the weight coming from so many samples that can live his arrival as a difficult time?
We obviously feel the pressure. The pressure is when you play in teams so important, not only in Italy. I think it is an opportunity for me, I say this from the beginning, to be in Milan to play with Milan and share the success and history of this great team. Another truth is that a team like this you must do your best and it is normal that there is pressure around me and to us, but people are always different around the world and in every country. I do not know how this pressure will be here in Milan and Italy. I have worked with Manchester Utd, with the pressure generated around there. The same thing happened in Madrid. I want to make just a nice experience to see that air you breathe in this stadium and this gives me 'so much encouragement.

Who has inspired in his career?
Certainly my parents are the people from whom I have drawn greater inspiration, as my children, my wife and my family at large. As for football, surely Brian Robson, who played in Manchester Utd years ago and then Zidane.. It 'the greatest player, an idol, an icon, an exceptional person. That is always trying to imitate him, to work with major players, Kakà is certainly another one of the best players in the world. Then Ronaldinho, Pirlo and Paolo Maldini, he is an icon, has been at Milan for his entire career, has 40 years and is still playing. This thing is exceptional, an excellent example for the team.

He has an exceptional right foot. In Milan there are others such as Kakà, Pirlo, Ronaldinho to beat the punishment. How do I find a space?
I kicked the deal that can make shots and I can do, the positions that I can take, always in collaboration. In this team there is room for some improvement, not only at the level of free throws but also of corner kicks. Let's see how we organize. It 'the same as I did in Real Madrid, with Roberto Carlos, with Figo, Ronaldo. Let's see what happens in Milan.

About Italian players, whom he called first? Cassano has called?
Cassano think it is a very funny person, makes me laugh, has a great heart and great generosity. It 'a player respected for what it is, has behaved well in Real Madrid. Then took a step backward in the sense that he returned to the country that loves and adores. No, I have not spoken yet. I spoke with Cannavaro, perhaps this was granted, and then with Fabio Capello. Solo con loro. Only with them.

When he took the spark in the relationship with Capello?
This passion began when the team arrived in the team. Capello is a great professional and has lots of passion for football. And 'why has behaved well in England. He made it all the love for this game and the calm that sometimes he has to be because he 'always a lot of confidence and calm the players. That is why Capello is appreciated in England and I hope that it continues to stay with us because it is not since 1966 that we win.

In Madrid, initially, you've had some difficulty in achieving integration?
When you move from one country to another, there is always an exchange of culture and language. Especially when you then have children, we we had two in that time, we had systemic find schools for them to live another life. I have always had a support throughout my career, especially from my wife are happy to be here with me. Who lost everything goes well, we will support and assistance wherever we go.

In Milan there are great schools of English?
I have said. We have already done some checking if we were to bring our children here for three months, but they are boys and they need stability and therefore it is better to remain in their school.

And if Beckham were to stop in Milan for more than three months?
No, I signed a contract until the beginning of March. Divertirò and certainly I will be all right but then return to Los Angeles.

To compare him?
Every single manager is a person if 'and it is impossible to compare them with each other. I have had many, I have worked with exceptional managers as Eriksson, Capello, Ferguson. Ancelotti is another person, I've never played under his management but certainly is a great manager and if it had not complied with, would not the position it has now. We hope, therefore, to give my best under his control.

In several countries where you have played, where you heard more respect for his privacy?
Every place is different, every town is different. I was born and raised in London and then I moved to Manchester, there is not much changes. When you arrive in central London, it is clear that all are somewhat 'more aggressive compared to small cities. But people have always had respect for me and my family but I understand that I can never complain if there is anyone who follows me around for a photo. So who draws the attention doing what I'm doing it is something that we can accept. The important thing is to be respected my children and their privacy.

You and your wife are a very united couple. . In all couples, there is always someone who takes a decision. How has the will to his wife?
Listening always the advice of my wife, we are together, we are united, we are a couple that works very well and that is why we have three beautiful children and exceptional, precisely because we understand. If you need to discuss something we do, sometimes I take the final decision, sometimes it does you, sometimes together. It 'important to do this, we work together to protect our children who are the most important thing in our lives. . A few weeks ago, for example, there were some 'too many paparazzi who were behind us physically. We had our children in the car and almost three times these men were up against us. These are things that I like, therefore it is important to take care of us and obviously them.The decisions we take the set, 50% and 50% io her.

She has already said that it is enamored of Milan. We have to wait even tell Victoria because she remains here?
She has always liked Milan as a city and come here for the week of fashion.

Then it will be easy to take this decision?
The decision is easy to say that stay here three months. Let us pause here.

DVB said...

You are a super star.

Many thanks, that can't have been easy.

snowwhite said...

By the way....I don't like Ilaria D'Amico she's nothing special...
I can't stand any other woman next to David accept Victoria...:)) said...

great job on all the coverage FC

nisha said...

thank you so much beth really appreciate it.i second that statement snowwhite i don't like Ilaria D'Amico i don't like her either and do not think she looks pretty at all. david must have got slightly annoyed after being asked so many questions in one day.bless him.the bloody press should feel stupid know for saying all that crap about victoria being jealous she proves them wrong alll the time but they never stop.thanks for posting

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

thanx a lot, beth!

Beth said...

No problem guys :) Happy to do my share for once lol