Tuesday, 30 December 2008

David Beckham's New Tattoo

David Beckham unveiled his new tattoo whilst training in Dubai today.

The latest design can be seen tucked on the inside of Beckham's already heavily-inked left arm.

The design - created by Beckham's regular artist Louis Malloy - is a Hebrew translation of 'My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart.'

Many outlets are reporting that Victoria is furious with the new tattoo, but I don't see why.


Anonymous said...

Do not believe in anything that media print or say. They ALWAYS make up stories to imply that Victoria or David often disagrees in what the other does, and want to paint them in negative images/pictures.

You are right not to believe them.

Anonymous said...

It's always the same story whenever David gets a new tattoo. Those tabloids have no imagination, they've become so predictable.

Back on the subject, i personally can't stand tattoos, they're a big no-no to me.


Jennifer said...

I agree.

Off the subject but does anyone know exactly for sure what victorias hebrew tattoo says on the back of her neck?

Afrobabe said...

Probably furious cos he has 100 to many designes on his body??

I know I would...

Nice Blog, came here from Boobsista's.

Sade said...

They always wanna speak for Victoria, I mean just look at the sky interview with that hwaat journalist....MADE UP DARMA. and I love it when V doenst even say anything back to those knuckle heads!

nisha said...

definately agree with waht you said sade they just add a negative commment about victoria to make the story get even more attention than it would do. i mean victoria and david are always constatantily mentioning how they always take decisions together so of course victoria had a say in the matter and if she didn't want him than he wouldn't but the main thing is why wouls she even be furious with it anyway she has always liked davids tatooes in the past and has even got a few herself so why would she not like it.i just pray for the day the bloody media stop writing rubbbish about victoria its just so pathetic because they always get proved wrong but they never stop and some people actually believe this rubbish.i personally think the tatootes sounds great from what it says and how it's loooking from the picture.thanks for posting