Sunday, 30 November 2008

Victoria Beckham Is The Ultimate Soccer Mum

Here are some pictures of the Beckham's taken before their trip to New York.

Victoria Beckham was the chicest soccer mom on the sidelines wearing her dVb aviators, chic black top and her dVb jeans whilst balancing on grass wearing Christian Louboutin heels.

David was dressed down in a plain white T-shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms and shades. He watched impassively while Victoria gave direction to her boys.

In other news Tana Ramsay has turned to best friend Victoria Beckham for support in the wake of allegations of husband Gordon Ramsay's affair.

A source revealed that the wife of the celebrity chef has been making tearful phone calls to Victoria, with whom she has become close in recent years.

Tana is said to have told friends that Victoria has given her the strength to face the world after Sarah Symonds claimed to have had a seven-year affair with Gordon. Victoria reportedly said to Tana: 'I'm here for you day or night, whenever you need to talk.'

A close source revealed how Victoria has been a 'tower of strength' to Tana.

Victoria also helped Cheryl Cole when her husband cheated on her.

What a great friend she is.

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Colleen said...

they are suchhhh a cute family! and i luv luv luv that pic of victoria and david!!! sooo sweet!

pierre said...

only Mrs. Beckham could wear Chanel to soccer practice!

Dorian Gray said...

I have always known that she has Style but even a great heart! I luv Vitoria (and I can't wait for her travel to Milan next january!) I think (and hope) she will be in Italy for the fashion week!

Lene said...

ahhh i LOVE that pic...its so cute..i totally missed her hands the first time..she is so lucky!

Linda said...

She actually went to London to launch her dresses collection, not for the purpose of 'comforting' Tana Ramsey, who can't be that distraught if she's on GMTV tomorrow.

DVB said...

Linda, where do I say she flew to London for Tanya?

Please re-read, as the premise of the text is to show how Victoria is a good friend.

I am well aware of why she is in London, I have only been writing about it all week.