Friday, 28 November 2008

In Victoria's Closet - Marc Jacobs

As I said in my previous post, Victoria Beckham was wearing a goregous white Marc Jacobs woolen coat.

She had worn the same coat in New York back in February earlier this year.

I love her look today, but I just adored those red aviators back in February.

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nisha said...

same i just love both looks that victoria does with the coat but i agree i just adored the look with the red accessories it was just amazing so chic ,so perfect,so smart just so posh.i absloutely love white coats snd they are victoria does the best thing of all to wher it in nyc and to add to all that she makes it look good in two different ways that are both nice to see the beckham family having a nice thankgsgiving and catching up with their friends the cruises and david and victoria are such sweet parents treating their kids to some of the worlds most top quality the beckhams thanks for posting

heather ♥ said...

i adooooore this white coat :)
i lusted over it back when you posted in Feb.
it seems she is wearing the same white pants with it as well!

heather ♥ said...

and i agree- i like the way she wore it back in Feb a bit better i think :) but of course looks amazing today as well!