Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It looks like the Beckhams have finally ditch the boring Cruise family.

The Beckhams were spotted returning to their hotel - The Plaza - in New York today after a outing. Moments later, Victoria and Brooklyn left the hotel once again to enjoy some one-on-one mother-and-son quality time.

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Continent said...

Hey DVB, i think they stay at the four seasons hotel,,cos in the pictures they came out from four seasons hotel (joel robuchon resto) and many pictures from the previous trips vic stayed there.. just guessing

DVB said...

Continent, I thought the Plaza was next to Bergdorf Goodmans. Thanks for the correction.

Atelier said...

I love victoria here, she looks extremely elegant, but I) prefer her taking fashion in a bigger way,,,like the faux fur for example, she is way too sexy to be covered up with this dress,,,amazing thoug!!!
I love the way brooklyn and her look as mother and son, they look so connected, so bonded...they should live in NY, i havent seen such amazing picturs of victoria in a while...i cannot wait to sh what she will wear on monday, at her big launch!!! :D

Patricia said...

I love how in pictures of Victoria and Brooklyn, he is slighty ahead of her, almost leading her in a gentlemanly way just like David. He's learning beautifully from his doting father :)

Lizwa said...

They aren't staying at The Four Seasons. There aren't any trees in front of the Four Seasons as it is on a street in between avenues. They are staying at The Plaza. You can see the top of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in one of the pictures.

DVB said...

Lizwa, thanks.

I learn to trust my first instincts more.

continent said...

think they have lunch at the plaza (from just, and the plaza is under renovation and if im not mistaken the plaza now is only a condo- no more hotel,, and joel robuchon resto is in the four seasons hotel, or maybe they have lunch at joel robuchon,,let me know if im wrong, cos lot of pics of posh were in four seas hotel before

Erica D Ireland said...

i dont no if u know this already but the green and red dresses Vb has worn are balenciaga suede and the bag that she wears with the green dress is roberto cavalli 'apple' bag

i love this site i check it every morning !!!! keep up the good work .xxxxxxx

Janie said...

For me its ALL about those fab shoes! Cherry red and shiny. Delicious!