Wednesday, 19 November 2008

David Beckham Really Likes His B-Ball

David Beckham looked to be having a good time at the LA Lakers game yesterday, despite appearing to go alone.

He was sitting next to Francesca Leiweke, who is the daughter of LA businessman Tim Leiweke.

Obviously the media is saying that she was flirting with him, but lets face it, what woman wouldn't.

Chicago Bulls 109 - LA Lakers 116.

The next game is on Friday.

Splash photos


Sara said...

Well it most definietly seems like she was coming on to him, i mean look at how she dressed for the occassion?lol Some women are just desperate.

Fantastic pictures though, it seems he was re-seated next to Danzel and David later on.

enchantress said...

well at least she kept her hands to herself... which im sure took a lot of self-control. hahaa.

Janie said...

Frankly I wouldn't be seen looking sideways at him . I'd be Terrified of what Mrs B would do to me!!! lol