Friday, 14 November 2008

David and Victoria Beckham Dine Out With Madonna

It has been reported that the Beckhams had dinner with Madonna last night at Nobu in LA.

Now I am not saying this story is not true, but they were not actually photographed together, so it could be that they were just in the same restaurant, at the same time.

For me Madonna is power and media attention crazy. Would she really want to become second to Victoria? Because lets face it, Victoria always steals the limelight.

I would be interested to know what you guys think about this.



Sara said...

They do know each from way back, even had dinner before, and from what i heard Vic called Madonna and she sent 12 tickets for her and her family to go to any of her concerts,but ya they aint BFF just probably meet up for a nice dinner to catch up while Madge is still in LA (she is shooting an ad campaign for LV with Meisel today).

But hey you could be totally right, and it was just a coincidence that they both were at the same restaurant.

DVB said...

Interesting. I did not know about this. Thanks for the info.

Nicolas said...

no, i personally think the beckhams are more attention hungry. they LOVE the attention more than anyone else.

maybe...just maybe madonna and posh will run a marathon together. haha

Lind said...

They have socialised/dined on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

VB and Madonna had a few dinners before, but that was ages ago. And Victoria went to her London gig on her previous tour.

It could be coincidence, but it could be that they really did meet up, maybe even Marc Jacobs was there, as he's behind Louis Vuitton and he's good friends with VB, and we all know Madonna's the new face of LV.


Sara said...

Supposedly Marc Jacobs was at the dinner too.

Janie said...

Victoria interviewd Guy years ago when he was making Lock Stock,( see u tube Victorias secrets vid,) also I believe she is a big fan of Maddonnas , admires her bussiness acumen etc so they prob would have said hi im sure. Unless they are in the Guy Richie camp so to speak, in which case it may have been a bit awkward.

Anonymous said...

i like victoria beckham but madonna steals the limelight wherever she goes. we all know madonna is the queen.