Sunday, 9 November 2008

Victoria Beckham Lands In Cali

Victoria Beckham has arrived back in LA.

The paparazzi are not taking very flattering pictures of Victoria Beckham lately, or maybe it is her overzealous security that are preventing this.

Since when does Victoria not like her picture taken. I have not seen this security guard before, so I am guessing he is new.

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Sara said...

Dont think these pictures are as unflattering as the ones from London of her leaving the restaurant.

The bodygaurd is definietly not new, seen him before and he always does that, its annoying!

But i LOVEEE her SM coat, thanks for the id.

M said...

It's not about not wanting your picture taken, it's about not wanting the papz to get too close that they may cause an injury.

DVB said...

Good point M.

Janie said...

Seen this security man before ina pic of Victoria leaving her pal Mrs Beckinsales birthday party earlier in the year.