Friday, 28 November 2008

Frosty...And I Am Not Referring To The Weather

I can feel the chill from here.

OK, I am going to break my silence on this issue of Katie and Victoria "being friends".

I know how I am around my girlfriends, work colleagues, my sister or any female, we gossip, we share banter, we interact with each other.

There were many paparazzi pictures of this trip to Central Park, and not in one photo are Katie or Victoria interacting with each other at all.

Any body language expert will tell you that both ladies are not happy in each others company, especially in this picture above.

Sorry I saw this pictures and decided to address it.

I know many of you will not agree and many will blame the picture agencies for releasing certain pictures, but I just believe that they are not as close as they used to be.

This is just my opinion, which does not make it a fact.

Click here to see more pictures of them together.



Nikolett said...

Come one, i think this is clear, that they are not 'real' friends. They are together for some good attention and for things we will never understand. And i dont say this cause i dont like them, i say this cause all proxemic bodylanguage show this.
Famous people are not like common people, cause their so called 'value judgement' is disfigured by the fame and the unusual lifesituations.
p.s. This is my opinion and i respect everybody else's point of view.
Still LOVE Posh's style.

heidi said...

I totally agree with you dvb. If they were close friends they would have been seen more often together, especially at New York fashion week when Victoria showed her new haircut because Katie was also in New York at this time.

Sara said...

It all depends on the pic. There's another pic at the sun website where Katie's smiling at Vic and Vic is hiding behind Romeo looking like she's freezing.

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

yesterday i was telling Lah that it's funny now they come out together after the mags talked about Katie & VB not being friends anymore.
Wish i was a fly on the wall.

Meg said...

Eh, I think they're friends, they don't have to be best friends and they've spent time together as a family without doing it for media attention, like the barbecues and 4th of July. And people would probably say they were being fake if they were pictured smiling and holding hands ala Jlo at fashion week.

OT- dvb have you see this cute ad for Vic's dress collection?

Janie said...

They certainly dont seem to be having much fun do they. When we've seen pics of V with Kate Beckinsale they always look relaxed and chatty like real friends, when she is with Katie Cruise she looks awkward to me. Maybe she just goes along because the kids and husbands are mates and it would seem rude not to? I have had similar thing where my husbands best mates new girlfriend took a dislike to me but we are polite when we meet because our partners are friends,just bit awkward sometimes thats all.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you DVB!
Victoria and Katie don't speak together, and don't look happy to be together! It’s a strange situation!!

Sorry for my english..

Ernie said...

Seems like the Daily Mail picked up on your post, 'frosty' and all... Watch it spread like wildfire...

Denise said...

The difference is when YOU are with your girlfriends you aren't stalked by paparazzi photographers!! It was obviously freezing cold outside and you simply don't interact much in conditions like that anyway. I am sure when they were inside they were interacting like normal friends do.

And Katie has not made many public appearances in MONTHS, she did NOT go to Fashion Week anyway..she has been holed up in NY doing rehearsals for her Broadway show for the past 6 months.

Anonymous said...

I think they are just freezing and pissed that the press are there.

Janie said...

Denise and Anonymous, sorry but you are just kidding yourselves here. Victoria can't like everyone! She's not taken in by all the over the top shmalts American's celebs do, thats proberbly why she's sought the company of other ex-pat types like Kate Beckinsale etc. She ansd David both admired Tom Criuse for years from when they were teenagers so no doubt they're made up with that friendship, anyone woud be but Katie is new in this equation and maybe Victoria just doesn't get on with her. She never suffers fools gladly, has trouble hiding how she feels , it's always written all over her face when she's uncomfortable but she's less easygoing than David so no sorry I'm still with DVB/ FC on this one guys , sorry if that irks you .;(