Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What A Gentleman ♥

Proving what we already know about him, David Beckham shows what class he has by helping a paparazzi when he fell over.

Many celebs would walk right over the paparazzi when this happens, but not well-mannered Becks.

♥ him.

UPDATE: It turns out that the paparazzi that fell over was a woman, which makes what David did even more noble.

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snowwhite said...

Such a gentleman...and he doesn't left his wife's hand....
Love them

snowwhite said...

Such a gentleman...and he doesn't left his wife's hand:)
Love them!!!

Atelier said...

oh!! I love how victoria looks so Powerful, so rich so is full of class no doubt about it. she looks every inch perfection,,that`s what I call glam...

yvonne said...

There are pics of Victoria on getty-images without headband. Her hair looks shorter on these pics. I wonder if she cut her hair in NY.

enchantress said...

so in order to actually touch mr.beckham, i'd have to fall over in front of him.
that is, if i can even get that close.

and victoria looks elegant as usual.

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

who does that??
some people may say he helped just for good press... but blah!
wow ur shoes, darling! hahaha.

great bunch of pix. thank u!

krisha said...

my mum says you can tell when you look at a persons face you can immediately tell whether they are a nice person or not, and she always stood by the fact that david seems very nice and humble even though he is so successful. I guess my mums good at reading people.

I am a bit disappointed victoria didn't seem to react at all to someone falling over and needing help.

I know this is only a small gesture but it shows David is real class, talent and the perfect gentleman. A human who deserves everything good he recieves.