Sunday, 9 November 2008

In Victoria's Closet - Stella McCartney

Thanks to Julieta who help i-D Victoria Beckham's coat. The coat is a Stella McCartney Felt military coat. Which can be purchased from Net-A-Porter for £1,175 or €1,570.

I normally can't afford VB's stuff, but this coat I am definitely going to buy.

Those of you in the US can buy a similar double breasted version from Intermix.

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Matt said...

She looks so tiny that the jacket looks like a garbage bag on her. I hate that.

Isla said...

Fashion Critic I've got GQ pics of David from GQ. if you're interessted my skype is hard_rock_girl :)

pierre said...

she looks good! damn

Sabrina Marie said...

I WANT IT!!! I already got the same in military green and wool.

Janie said...

Its very nice , reminds me of a shorter buff coloured coat she wore fairly recently, very similar. What make was it now dvb? have a lil look archive /closet wise please ?

Janie said...

Ok found it Marc Jacobs Fall 07

Anonymous said...

Simply perfect.


Anonymous said...

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