Thursday, 20 November 2008

Close, But No Zig A Zig Ha

Some of you said that Jennifer Lopez had already worn the same dress as Victoria.

The dresses are similar and both from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring collection, but the structure of the dresses are difference.

Jennifer's bodice and boning meets in the middle, whereas Victoria's has straight vertical lines.

Victoria's has a sash, and Jennifer's does not.

Thanks for the tip anyway.



brittany said...

I def think Victoria's looks better than JLo's. I like the minor details better. The straps, the sash and I also think Victoria presented herself a little bit better than JLo. Just wanted to add my input =)

snowwhite said...

Victoria's friend Haidi Klum was wearing the same Balenciaga silver and black pointy heels on Fontainebleau Hotel Grand Opening on 17th this month...:*

Anonymous said...

Jennifer looks much better. Curves are always sexier than having the shape of a boy.

snowwhite said...

...and...please...but please...change you're header photo...she looks much more better on some other photos....and David also!!!
But please!!!
Lots of love!!!

DVB said...

I promise I will when I have the time.

Thanks for reminding me, as the pictures are a bit stale now.

snowwhite said...

I am waiting!!!

krisha said...

she looks amazing in dolce!

dolce is truly victoria, i loved all her looks in the last 10 years that surrounded around dolce, it just suits her so well.