Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Beckhams Dine At Il Cantinori

After watching Katie Holmes' play, The Beckhams all went for dinner at Il Cantinori, in New York.

Victoria had ditched both the headband and the brooch and looks much better for it.

I love that David looks so manly carrying his two boys in each arm *melts*



nisha said...

omg they are all just to adorable. so cute the three boys are all wearing reds and pinks and david carrying romeo and cruz my heart is melting and to top it all up brooklyn is leading the way while hoilding his mum's hand how sweet.they are just such a loving family and victoria and david are such good parents. thank for posting

lorysamgabry said...

I agree with nisha. Thank for all. Ciao from Italy

DVB said...

you are very welcome. x

Rock*Star said...

I agree.She does look better without the headband & the brooch .Much better .

They all look so beautiful and well dressed .

David is so charming.I dnt think I can live with a beautiful man like him.I would just can't handle how hot he is !! :P

caligirl said...

I love seeing pictures of them all together!! Such a beautiful family!! ***sigh*** Love them!! Likes the new header!! Great job FC!!

DVB said...

thanks Caligirl :)

krisha said...

wow! cruz looks absolutely nothing like david...are you sure it's his kid kidding.

These photos are magnificent, i want to kidnap david :D