Friday, 28 November 2008

Victoria Beckham's dvb Dress Collection Commercial

Thanks to Yvonne and Meg for informing me that Victoria Beckham has an advert on

The shoot for the dress collection took place when we saw candids of Victoria filming in Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire, England last month.

The film is tongue and cheek, as you would expect from Victoria.



christina said...

omg i love the song! i want to know who it is by but i can't find it anywhere!
any ideas?

Glam Beckhams Foro said...


Erica and Cade said...

Is this going to be her new website? I was so sad when her was being remodeled.

heather ♥ said...

SO cute! :) i cant wait to see the new website :)
ps- i Love the new banner for the blog :)

DVB said...

thanks sweetie :)

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

new pix! in a candy store with the kids.. woohoo i love seeing the family together =).

kat said...

victorias splatter jeans that for a time she constantly wore, are on sale at saks for $82

i hope this isnt a sign that the line isnt doing well as all of the jeans have continually dropped in price even during pre-sale

kat said...

i take that back it seems they are only on sale as they have sold out in all but one size

wow, disapointing though as i got excited at the pocket friendly price only to find the only size available is too big for me :[

Janie said...

Oh i love that! i lol'd