Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Who Wore Marc Jacobs Better?

Victoria Beckham, the model for Marc Jacobs' Spring 2008 advertising campaign, first wore this Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 dress to the 12th Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in LA last year.

It was the night the Spice Girls performed together for first time in 9 nine years, prior to kicking off their Reunion Tour, which was supposed to be a World Tour until they cut it short.

Victoria wore her dress with a silver bra and black Givenchy heels.

Model Lydia Hearst wore the same dress last night, when she attended the Entertainment Weekly/Vavoom Upfront Party in New York.

The model who is set to appear
Lily van der Woodsen's posh interior decorator Amelia on Gossip Girl, wore her dress without a bra, and was able to keep her modest fully covered.

The colour of Victoria's dress looks more vibrant, but that might just be the lighting. Victoria's bar gets in the way of the dress for me, so for daring to wear this dress without a bra Lydia wins this for me.

I also like her hair up with this dress.



Isla said...

i don't like this dress,it's just not for Psh. so i voted for the other girl :)

Camerynn said...

Victoria, hands down. I like fashion risks, and this dress looks so good on her. I would kill for that dress! And I still can't believe Geri wore that, LOL.

Ljn.- said...


I think the dress is hideous either way.


Erica Posh 4eva said...

posh hands down ! it so much her style . the silver bra make sit her own. posh always !

snowwhite said...

I must say that I don't like this ???dress????...or smth like when I firs saw Victoria I said she could wear this...!!!
But if I have to shose 1...Victoria is first in everithing:))

Michelle said...

I do not like nether of those, because the dress.. OMG.. it´s terrible.. I can not imagine Posh wering this, or every other celebrity..


Forever-Posh said...

First off, Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer.

But Victoria wins for me because she opted to show more stomach and more of her torso. But it does fit well with Lydia's body.