Friday, 30 May 2008

Victoria Beckham's Sunshiney Dress

David and the England Football Team flew to the Caribbean this morning, so Victoria Beckham has been doing her best to keep busy in LA.

Wearing a bright yellow dress and a matching handbag, she was spotted arriving to Shutter’s on the Beach in Santa Monica for lunch on Thursday.

Either it is the sun or her hair gets lighter every time I see new candids.

I keep reading that Victoria will be auctioning off her Spice Girls outfits, but until actually happens I will not believe the story. The reason being, I have read many interviews were she has stated that she keeps everything in storage. But maybe as her days as a Spice Girl are well and truly over, she wants to clean out her closet.

I personally would keep that kind of stuff for ever.

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Libbi said...

Wow that dress is so beutifull! I would never sell any spice girls stuff either!

posh lover said...

The bag seems similar to this one:

Fashion Critic said...

thanks for the bag i-D. You are so right

Michelle said...

"I personally would keep that kind of stuff for ever."

Me too!

Love the dress.. shge looks fab!

Khadija said...

I would think that Victoria had several outfits made for the concert and she is just auctioning off one set.

snowwhite said...

Mmmmm...beautifulllllll....I wonder what kind of shoes did she wore???