Sunday, 25 May 2008

Something Catches Victoria Beckham's Eye

We have jokingly laughed at David Beckham starring at the LA Laker cheerleaders, but now it seems that even Victoria can't help taking a sneaky peak.

I guess she can not give David stick now that she has also been caught out. :)

David managed to keep his eye on the B-ball, although it does look like he is laughing at his wife, as she stares in disbelief at how small that girls costume is.



peach said...

lol that is priceless!

sunny930115 said...

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along said...

hey its normal... see..... its not only david. even me myself ( a girl) couldnt help to sneak a peek if someone with a well toned body in that kind of uniform shaking her booty in front of me. just becoz its david, everyone will make fun of it.
but in the end of the night, he will come back to his wife. dats the most important thing. (bcoz of david, the cheerleaders are becoming more popular as their pic will be circulated. huhu, free promotion)

Posh said...

u gotta LOVE Victoria!
the Lakers girls always look tacky... she's probably thinking up some new posh outfits for them.

Anonymous said...

lmao posh is thinking "Fat ass! you need to lose a few pounds love!"

bahaha love her this is priceless indeed hehe

Lilflowa x

brit said...

she so did that on purpose, lol theres her sense of humour coming through, good for her!