Thursday, 15 May 2008

Kitson Are Still Hating On Victoria Beckham

Following the bad publicity stirred by Fraser Ross of Kitson, the US spokesperson for dVb said there are "no plans" to promote dVb in LA.

Fraser Ross said he was unhappy about Victoria's lack of promotion in the store.

Despite reports he retracted his statement about slow sales of the range, Ross told US news network Fox News this week: "It's a huge slap in the face."

"Her people told us that we won't be getting an in-store appearance because Victoria was angry about all the negative press she got here and things I said. So instead of trying to fix it, she's just snubbing us at a time when the US economy really needs a boost."

"Victoria asked me to issue a statement saying that they were best-sellers and flying off the shelves, but I said I would not lie like that, but it looks like they've done it anyway.!"

"Right now I have no choice but to pull her line off the floor — I'm lucky to sell 18 pairs of dVb jeans a month, whereas other brands at her price point I sell at least 200."

Someone tell this guy to get a life.



Amber said...

I hate this guy, who does he think he is? VB should never have sold her jeans at his stupid store. She should just pull out her jeans herself. I bought my pair at Planet Funk. I will never got to Kitson. As if they're the only store that sells them! ha!

Poshified said...

I hate this guy.
What a fake.
18 jeans a month? WTF!
I wish I was in L.A...I would tell him to get a life F-C! :P

Kitson LA said...

We are not hating on Victoria, we are trying to help her sell a celebrity clothing line. The story has been twisted by her P.R. people to look negative towards Kitson and positive for them. We have a vested interest in the success of this line as we are carrying stock. The manufacturer has been paid and the celebrity has been paid their royalties, but we need to move the product to recuperate our investment. The P.R. people should be talking to Victoria's clients which are the stores. The store and the sales people have the direct connection to Victoria's fans and dictate the trends to the customer. Victoria has been ill advised by her P.R. people and by not making the connection with the stores she is directly alienating the very people who would be buying her products. Her P.R. people should all be ashamed that they let situation escalate to this point. If they would have only monitored sales and listened to the suggestions of the retailers over the last year, then DVB would not be in this predicament (Is CKX Investor Relations happy with this situation?). We have always supported Victoria from her clothing line, sunglasses, fragrance and even her book and we wish nothing but the best for the Beckham’s in the future.
kitson LA

jai said...

i feel bad for victoria but the truth is her stuff really isn't selling well over here that is why you saw her stuff at loehmann's, it wasn't out of season jeans just jeans that aren't selling i travel a lot around the country and i have never seen anybody wearing her jeans except her in pictures the truth is more people wear beyonce's house of dereWrong jeans or some other brand like sevens and even rock and republic more then they would ever wear hers and that is just the truth

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i'm yet to decide what to make of this. I'm sure what this dude has said would lead to more backlash for Victoria. What a terrible time.

And why does he expect her to come instore anyway? She cant go to every single store that sells her brand and if he wants to pull the plug on it, i'm sure its no biggie as there are other stores that carry her brand.

So yeah, MR., GET A

peach said...

Why is Victoria responsible for the US economy? puh-leeze!

Amber said...

Lol at Kitson LA. That doesn't change my mind about them at all, I'm still not shopping there ever again. This is too funny. What if VB's rep replied here too?

Anonymous said...

Haha, I find the comment about the US economy to be hilarious..Yes, gas is $4/gallon, and yes, not many (including myself) can afford $250 jeans right now.

I'm really just not feeling Kitson to begin with--I always associate it w/ Lohan or Spears to be honest! I personally love the DVB line--poor Vic should really take her line out of there!! Good luck to her & can't wait for her new denim & sunglasses to come out:-)

Meg said...

Her jeans aren't selling because they're too bloody expensive but kitson's owner seems like a media whore and didn't handle it like he wanted to continue the business relationship.

Anonymous said...

@ Kitson LA

I don't think how Mr. whoever spoke is right whether her PR people twisted his words or not. Attacking someone via the media isn't right especially since we live in a world of tabloids.

What happened to calling her in and sitting with her whilst having a tete-a-tete conversation. If she doesn't get the point then they can pull her line off the shop.

Having a heated exchange via the media is never the way to go. So even if the Mr. is right and Victoria is wrong, i'm still not impressed. If Paris Hilton was the floor manager then i'd understand but this ain't reality tv sales.

Kitson LA said...

We would like all of you to know that we just received (5/15/2008) and $8,000 DVB sunglass order. Obviously her people are not paying close enough attention to the business.

Fashion Critic said...

LA Kitson ?!? I am confused.

Amber said...

Lol this is getting even funnier! What did kitson la mean??

Ingrid said...

@ Kitson

Do you know how lame a company is when they have to post on a blog and through tabloids to get their message across? What happened to using your marketing team to create brand respectability through official channels?

It is so disgusting how a business is using the same channels that people who blog for entertainment do. You're a WHOLE COMPANY. Do you know how unprofessional you are? I don't think we'd catch other stores doing this.

If I were other clothing lines' brand managers, I'd desert Kitson just for being so lame.

Kitson LA said...

Fashion critic let me help clarify for you. We just received a box of DVB Sunglasses worth $8,000 from a February order, so we are confused are we doing business with DVB, are we not doing business with DVB? You need to get all the facts of the story, you are coming from a very one sided understanding. If you want the real story please contact Michael Silver at Western Glove Works in Winnepeg, Canada and he will give you the whole story.

kitson LA

Fashion Critic said...

Kiston LA, You have said that my view is very one-sided, but had this situation happened to anyone else I would have still felt the way that Fraser Ross conducted himself in the press was unprofessional and that is mostly what my problem is with this whole situation. I was very critical of Victoria for going into Kitson and seem to be purchasing things from your store in as I felt that she was giving in to his pressure.

Please email send me the details via email of Michael Silver and I will ask him what the situation REALLY is.

bre said...

Fashion Critic,

I visit your other site, redcarpetfashionawards at least 3 times a day, but for some reason this morning it is saying error 403 and that I am forbidden from it. Do you know anything about this?

Anonymous said...

Kitson LA, i'm still trying to get my head round the fact that you're actually posting on this site. In a way it's good because Fashion Critic is gaining more hits but its terribly bad because this isn't responsible business ethos.

How about taking a que from the Western Glove company and stop dialoging with the media. I agree with Ingrid that this is a lame approach.

FC, do you think there might be any way of you contacting Victoria or her people and lets hear what they have to say about this? The whole situation is turning into a soap opera right here on your blog.

Anonymous said...

You know you're in LA when a retail manager has a publicist!

Janie said...

What an utter jerk this guy is. Talk about shoot yourself in the foot! Kitson is a media whoares shop not a top class place like Harrods. Our V's better off in a more classy store any day of the week. This prick should go fuck himself.!!!!!

Janie said...

What an utter jerk this guy is. Talk about shoot yourself in the foot! Kitson is a media whoares shop not a top class place like Harrods. Our V's better off in a more classy store any day of the week. This prick should go fuck himself.!!!!!

Sara said...

lol that's pretty funny that kitson just got a new order but it was already enroute before the relationship turned sour.

I think Vic and her team should seriously re-evaluate the direction of the brand. It's not selling and promotion and prices obviously have something to do with it. I don't think she should be doing tons of store signings but they should do more advertising. I haven't seen a single ad in a magazine.

if canadian production is what's making the jeans too expensive they should either cut the quantity down or produce it somewhere else.

Not promoting in l.a. is a mistake, that's her home base now and even if Fraser was wrong to take his complaints to the press they should either work it out as professionals and stop being pissy or she should promote it more at the other stores that carry it. which may be dwindling because saks(at least in boston) don't carry it any more.

Fashion Critic said...

Hi Bre, I was moving over to a new server, but it is working now. Very frustrating.

Kitson LA said...

Fashion Critic, here is Michael Silver's email, he said it was ok to provide you with his email since it is public information anyway. The sunglasses were shipped on 5/8/08, as you know this tiff with her P.R. people started well before that date(HER PEOPLE ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION). The relationship turned sour with her P.R. people not with Victoria. Just so you know Kitson set her up with her denim manufacturer in Canada and when you connect two people together you would think the third party would be taken care of. We are not just some store that wants an appearance because we bought the line we were the catalyst that created the line. FYI most the items that are sold in the contemporary section at Harrod's including DVB are sold at Kitson. We are more than happy to sit down with Victoria at anytime.

kitson LA

madzz* said...

chyeah VB!
I'm glad she's not taking this crap from anyone and totally boycotting this store. They've given her nothing but bad publicity. She can do better... she should come to Canada more often. Holt Renfrew loves her! =D

Pierre said...

i agree she should do more in L.A. but dont forget about Canada. Also she needs to do more magazine print ads and billboards.

P.S. whats going on with her web site. its been "Updating" for 4 weeks or more.

Krisha said...

i love victoria beckham, and i hate the light that fraser ross is putting her and her business in. It is very unprofessional, and he is sacrificing the future of kitsons sales by going on his little rants.

i think he knows just how powerful a appearance by victoria beckham is to his company, and this is definitely NOT the way to do it.