Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Victoria Beckham Interview With The Mirror

I love it when Victoria Beckham is in London because you get more interviews than usual.

Unlike the Sun's interview, which I am still not sure is straight from the horses mouth, this interview with the Mirror is the real thing, as Victoria stands next to the journalists on the front page.

Click on my scan to read the full interview

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Nikki said...

I heard on the news here in Canada, that Victoria is actuioning off her outfits from the Spice Girl concert to give to charity. She said that she hopes to raise up words of 2million for David and her chairty. At least thats what our local news is saying. Do you know anything about it FC?

Fashion Critic said...

I do not believe this story, mostly because Victoria has said on many occasions that she keeps most of her Spice Girls stuff in storage to give to her daughter should she have one one day

t.o.CityGirl said...

FC! i love love LOVE both your blogs!

thanks for this article! i wouldnt have been able to read it otherwise!

is there any way i could contact you via email with a quick question?

Forever-Posh said...

Not the most flattering picture of her on the cover. Just looks a bit off from her normal gorg self.

poshfann said...

i agree vic looks really tired on the cover... and i think its time for a new haircut!!!!